FAUG Multiplayer TDM Mode With Weapons, Throwables Launching in India Soon: Release Date, Gameplay Features

Hark ye PUBG Mobile players, there's a new multiplayer FPS to try out!

The multiplayer TDM mode for FAU-G or Fearless and United Guards is finally dropping on June 21, all guns blazing (albeit in beta). The game which launched to hilarious reviews had so far stuck to the first chapter set in the backdrop of the Galwan Valley clash, where the player helps rescue his fellow jawans. And now that they are rescued, it’s time for battle.

FAU-G Finally Getting a TDM Mode – Trailer Out!

Ncore Games announced the development with a cinematic teaser on its Twitter handle, highlighting the features and giving a peek into the gameplay mechanics of the upcoming mode. Watch the trailer here –


The TDM Mode update will also unlock weapons in the game. The first chapter only lets you fight with sticks and your bare hands, but with the TDM Mode incoming, the game is going to get vastly more interesting. Provided, the developers are able to fix the howlarious combat and movement mechanics the game launched with.

The upcoming update promises assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, machine guns and more.  You can also spot grenades, a red-dot attachment, pistols, which would be the throwable option in the game.

Multiplayer Mode: Play FAU-G with friends

This is the part that should tingle the spidey-sense of PUBG:Mobile and COD:M players. Multiplayer gaming, if not a full-fledged battle royale mode was the need of the hour when FAU-G was first announced; at that opportune moment when PUBG: Mobile was banned in India. But the game’s release on Republic Day lacked any of it. The TDM mode finally introduces multiplayer.

The trailer doesn’t really reveal much about the multiplayer facet, save for the fact that you can ‘form your squad’, which all but confirms the multiplayer mode. It also leaves a lot of questions in the open, which we hope will be answered when the beta drops, two months later. How many players can you have in a squad? How will matchmaking happen? Will there be a competitive ranked mode? What will be the rewards?

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