FIFA 22 Bans Over 30,000 FUT Players for Exploiting Glitch, Some Players Banned for 1000 Days Instead of 7

20-0 perfect record, but at what cost?


Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a significant amount of chatter surrounding EA Sports’ FIFA franchise, but this time, it has to do with EA banning over 30,000 accounts in FUT. Seemingly, certain players were able to exploit a “no-loss” glitch that essentially handed them a perfect 20-0 record and all the bonuses and rewards that come with it, and EA is not pleased with players taking unfair advantage.

The devs have temporarily banned over 30,000 accounts found taking advantage of this glitch and handed them a 7-day ban. These players will not be able to participate in the FUT Champions Finals this weekend, which is always a highlight for FUT players. While most players were handed a regular, 7-day ban, it seems like some might have been given a 1000-day ban instead.

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EA bans over 30,000 players in FIFA Ultimate Team for exploiting glitch

EA has indeed detailed a number of activities that will eventually lead to bans and suspensions in their Positive Play Charter and exploiting this particular glitch falls right under it. Reportedly, players were able to simply bail on an FUT match if they were losing it without the game registering a loss stat.

Players were able to do this by simply heading to the home screen of their console, during the match, and simply wait for the match to time out. This essentially allowed players to not register any loss stat on their FIFA Ultimate Team account, leading to plenty perfect 20-0 stats. While players have been handed a 7-day ban, they will get to keep the rewards of their exploit. Many have complained that a simple 7-day ban isn’t harsh enough for the offense, while others have argued that it is too harsh to be seemingly incorrectly handed a 1000-day ban.