FIFA 22 FUT Pitch Notes: Changes, Updates, and Improvements to Progression and More

FUT has a bunch of cool new features and a co-op mode as well.


The argument could be made that FUT is easily the biggest draw to FIFA today, and it is perhaps the biggest reason why FIFA remains extraordinarily profitable for EA. FUT will undergo several changes and significant updates in the next iteration of the franchise alongside some smaller changes.

The modes which have seen the most significant updates include Division Rivals and FUT Champions. EA has recently released the “pitch notes” for the FUT in FIFA 22 which lists all the changes coming to the mode this year.

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FIFA Ultimate Team Deep Dive – The Pitch Notes

Division Rivals

EA has overhauled Division Rivals which now includes a new seasonal progression system, along with Elite Division – which is a new space for the best FUT players to compete in.

Division Rivals, being hands down, the most popular mode in FUT – EA is aiming for a better experience for players across the board. The studios have listed out the following goals that they hope to achieve with FUT 22:

  • Provide more transparent progression so you know where you stand in a Division and what you need to do to earn promotion and rewards.
  • Reduce weekly match requirements and provide new ways to earn rewards for playing at the level you’re comfortable with.
  • Create a competitive environment for top players with the new Elite Division and leaderboard.
  • Keep the Division Rivals experience feeling fresh throughout the year with the introduction of Seasons.
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
Division Rivals Progression System

In FIFA 22, Division Rivals is adopting a new ladder system – which has the following components:

  1. Ranks – Reflects progression within a Division (and unlock better Weekly Rewards)
  2. Stages – Individual Steps Between Ranks
  3. Checkpoints – Prevents loss of progress and ensure that players remain at their appropriate skill level.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

  • Winning a match moves you forward one Stage.
  • Losing a match moves you back one Stage unless you are on a Checkpoint.
  • Drawing will keep you at your current position.

All of this looks fairly interesting – especially the Checkpoint system – which will allow players to play more competitive matches – eliminating the risk of ending up in a place where matches are either too easy or too challenging.

Co-op Public Matchmaking

FIFA 22 Co-op public matchmaking

A new addition to FUT Friendles, Co-Op Public Matchmaking’s gloal is ti have a casual drop-in experience playing FUT with a  new partner against other co-op opponents.

Instead of using one’s FUT squad, there will be unique Squads that will be changed on a regular basis. This avoids a situation where both co-op partners want to use their own Squad. The Squads will reflect recently released Player Items in the game, so you’ll see appropriately balanced teams.

Gameplay Settings now include:

  1. Celebration Camera Settings – Allows to focus on either your team’s reaction or opponent’s reaction when conceding a goal. Changing this setting will affect every mode in FIFA 22, not just FUT.
  2. Competitive Gameplay Settings
  3. Stadium Customization
  4. VIP Area
  5. Crowd Customization – Crowd Cards, Two-Stick Banners, Crowd Flags
  6. TIFOs
  7. Search Improvements – New search filters for authenticity and colour.
  8. Seasonal Themes

For the complete pitch notes, head on over to EA’s official deep dive, link here.