Five Health And Wellness Gadgets That Use Technology To Make Your Life Easy


No, this article is not about gazillions of fitness trackers dumped into the market every day. Nor does it include digital snake oil such as the smart bands that claim to help you sleep better. And no, none of these products include KickStarter or IndiGoGo campaigns that haven’t come to fruition yet. This list purely focuses on easily available devices that use actual science to make your life easy. So, without boring you further, let’s get cracking on this hand-picked list of health and wellness gadgets.

SteriPen Water Purifier

Cancel your next budget smartphone upgrade and buy this life saving tool instead. SteriPen’s water purifier is ideal for treks, safaris, and even when you are travelling outside the comforts of cities. This pen sized tool can clean a liter of water in as little as 48 seconds. It uses UV (Ultraviolet) light to kill bacteria, virus, and protozoa. The power efficient UV lamp draws power from replaceable AA batteries. On single set of batteries, it can purify up to 150 liters of water. The company claims that the lamp life enough to last around 3000 treatments. Contaminated water is known for spreading deadly diseases in India, so there’s just no reason why you shouldn’t keep this SteriPen handy.

Wearable Thermometer

If your friend or family member is down with fever, you need to constantly monitor his/her temperature. The problem with conventional thermometer is that it involves disturbing the patient who is supposed to rest and recover. To solve this issue, there are now many wearable thermometer sensors in the market that let you monitor fever continuously. It can even send temperature alerts to companion smartphone app over Bluetooth. It is especially ideal to track the temperature anomalies in babies and elderly people. The sensor comes with a 240 mAh replaceable button battery. You can buy one of these sensors for as little as Rs 1,000.

Breathalyzer Keychain

When heading home from a party, people often resort to guess work when figuring out the least drunk guy in the group. By least drunk, I’m referring to the consumption under permissible blood alcohol content level. The problem is that you can never be sure of these readings, until a cop pulls over your vehicle. Not anymore though, as BACtrack has developed a Go Keychain breathalyzer that can fit into your pocket. It has an LCD panel that provides test results right on the device. The BACtrack Go Keychain even comes with additional mouthpiece covers so that multiple people can take the test. The best part is that it only costs $30 (approx. Rs 2,200)

Mobile ECG

Electrocardiogram also known as ECG or EKG, is crucial in determining heart’s condition. Many a times, patients need to be rushed to the hospital to get the readings of heart rate and rhythm. But, now thanks to AliveCor’s Mobile ECG, you can diagnose heart arrhythmias and other irregularities right at home. This medical equipment is hardly bigger than a pack of chewing gums. It comes with a simple setup guided by a companion smartphone app. Once it is up and running, place your fingers on the electrodes for 30 seconds and it sends data to your smartphone over Bluetooth. The app then turns this date into an ECG report that can be shared with your doctor over an email. The AliveCor Mobile ECG is approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and cost around Rs 12,500 in India.

Bite away stick

Bug bites are irritatingly itchy and can disturb your sleep. Ideally, we all want to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, horseflies, wasps, and other insects, but sometimes you run out of luck and end up with a sting. Thankfully, there’s now a cure for this itch. The Bite Away stick is a pen sized tool to treat your bug bites. It not only neutralizes the sting but also prevents swelling to some extent. All you need to do is press and hold the Bite Away stick onto the affected area for about three seconds.  It works on a simple fact that insect venom is mostly heat-sensitive. So, with the right temperature, you can cancel it out. To be precise, the Bite Away uses sustained heat at around 49-degree C to 53-degree C to treat the bug bites. It makes up for a nice fallback when your mosquito repellent fails.