Flipkart Starts Charging Sale Fee for Discounted Products and Customers Are Not Happy About It

Flipkart has started charging a Rs 10 sale fee and users are highly disappointed about it.

  • Flipkart is now charging a sale fee for discounted products.
  • It is charging Rs 10 as a sale fee.
  • Many users have expressed their disappointment with Flipkart’s new money-making tactics.


Flipkart recently held its Big Savings Days Sale a few days ago where several products were offered at a discount. However, users were disappointed when they found out that they would have to pay a sale fee. While Flipkart is charging a small amount of Rs 10 as a sale fee currently, many users believe that it’s just another money-making tactic from the e-commerce platform just like the secured packaging fee.

Flipkart recently increased the price of its packaging fee from Rs 69 to Rs 99. Here’s everything users have to say about the Flipkart sale fee on Twitter.

Customers Disappointed After Flipkart Starts Charging Sale Fee

Many customers are disappointed after they found that they will have to pay another Rs 10 as a sale fee. The sale fee is applicable to discounted products. Several buyers have called it ‘looting’ on Flipkart’s part whereas some other buyers have said that the Flipkart sale fee is pointless as it makes the discount irrelevant.

Whenever you are buying a discounted product during a sale period, a nominal charge of Rs 10 will be added to your total bill.  It comes with a message,” You are enjoying top deals with a one-time sale fee of Rs 10″. Flipkart claims that over 20 lakh users have saved more than Rs 20 crore so far with top deals.

Many users took to Twitter to complain about Flipkart charging sale fee. A user wrote, “Another way to loot money from your customers.”

Hilariously, Flipkart is charging sale fee on products that are not even on discount as per a tweet from a user.

A user was disappointed when he found out that even after paying a Rs 10 sale fee and Rs 40 shipping charges, he received a broken product.

Another Twitter user termed the sale fee as unfair.

A user said that even if Rs 10 is a small amount, collecting it from 10 million people during the sales period may turn it into a big amount.

Apparently, there are endless complaints about Flipkart charging sale fee on Twitter and on other platforms.

Why Flipkart is Charging Sale Fee?

After several allegations, Flipkart responded to the users with a statement on sale fee. While responding to a user on Twitter, the Flipkart support handle said.

“We understand your concern related to the Sale fee. Please note that it is a nominal fee for select products with great offers and is applied only to your first order during a sale event. This fee helps us bring you a wide range of products with great value during a sale event. Thanks for your understanding.”

Do you think charging Flipkart sale on discounted products is fair? Share your opinion with us in the comment section.