Fortnite “Impostor” Mode Is Pretty Much Among Us, and Innersloth Isn’t Happy About It

Fortnite's Impstor mode rips off Among Us pretty clearly.


Without question, Among Us was perhaps the biggest breakout story in gaming in 2020 and remains a supremely fun game that manages to accomplish a ton with a relatively simple premise and sets of mechanics. Only a couple of days ago, Fortnite revealed its newest game mode titled “Impostors”, and the name alone should be enough of an indication as to the direction Fortnite were going in.

The Impostors game mode is, for all intents and purposes, Among Us with a coat of Fortnite paint all over it. From the basic premise to the mechanics, the Impostors mode pretty much rips off Among Us – and naturally, Innersloth isn’t quite happy about this development.

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Fortnite rips off Among Us and Innersloth devs are obviously not happy

Victoria Tran, Community Director, Innersloth, took to Twitter to voice her disappointment along with several other Innersloth devs.Tran’s comment struck a nerve with the gaming community as  her sentiment had to do with the fact that Innersloth wasn’t gatekeeping the core mechanics – but at least the terminology or theme could have been iterated upon.

Fortnite Among Us

She also expressed her disappointment that Epic and Fornite opted to not collaborate with Innersloth on the new mode – which could have been really beneficial and interesting for both parties as well as gamers.

Innersloth co-founder Marcus Bromander also voiced his disappointment and explained that the decision to not patent Among Us mechanics was deliberate. Elaborating that not gatekeeping gate mechanics leads to a healthy game industry.

Among Us’ brand of social deduction game has pretty much become synonymous with the title – so naturally it will be quite difficult so as to not resemble the game in some form. Yet, Fortnite’s Impostor game mode seems to lack any original spin on it from Epic – which seems to be the root cause of why Innersloth devs as well as the gaming community at large isn’t pleased.