Free Fire MAX Elite Pass Season 54 Begins Today: Here is the Full List of Rewards

Free Fire MAX new Elite Pass of November Month - Voltage Vengeance begins today!


Earlier today, Garena launched the all-new Free Fire MAX Elite Pass Season 54, which comes with many exclusive rewards. The pre-orders for the same elite pass have taken place from 29 October to 31 October for 999 Diamonds. There are a lot of exciting rewards like bundles, gun skins, and more lined up for players in the new EP.

Garena introduces a new elite pass to the game on the first of every month to expand the game’s inventory and maintain it fresh. Each elite pass consists of various rewards such as weapon skins, vouchers, backpack skins, vehicle skins, and season-themed bundles. However, each reward in the elite pass is unlocked after the player has attained a certain number of badges which are unique for each EP. Each reward will have a number set on them and the badges can be achieved by accomplishing daily missions.

Players can buy the latest Elite Pass which is available in two versions, namely Elite Pass and Elite Bundle whose cost is 499 and 999 diamonds respectively.

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Free Fire MAX Elite Pass Season 54 Begins Today: Here is the List of Rewards

This month’s Elite Pass kicks off today and will remain active till 30 November during which players can claim all the rewards by completing several daily missions. As mentioned above, the elite pass was available for pre-orders from 29-31 October. Those players who had pre-ordered have gotten an exclusive vehicle skin as an exclusive reward titled, Supercurrent Cruiser.

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Image via Garena

Some of the exclusive rewards in this month’s ep are as follows:

  • Gnarl Electrocution SKS
  • Supercurrent Skyboard
  • Monster Incoming Backpack
  • Gnarl Electrocution Male Bundle
  • Monstrous shock female bundle
  • Blast Experiment Grenade
  • Lightning Basher Bat Skin
  • Monster Globe Loot Box
  • Supercurrent Mobile Jeep skin

Here is the list of items included in the latest Season of Free Fire MAX EP:

Unlocks at Badges Free Reward Paid Reward(Only claimed by Elite Pass owners)
0 Gold x50 Supercurrent Mobile Jeep
5 Banner Summon Airdrop
10 3x Scan Comic monster Avatar
15 Goldshock Evil Jacket
20 1x Pet Food 1x Weapon Royale voucher
30 1xGold Voucher Comic Villian Banner
40 Electro Evil Jacket Diamond Royale voucher
50 1x Diamond Royale voucher Monstrous Shock Bundle
60 1x Fragment Crate 1x Diamond Royale Voucher
65 Double EXP Card
70 1x Discount Coupon 2x Evo Gun Token Box
75 100x Universal Fragments
80 1x Pet Food SKS – Gnarl Electrocution
85 1x Evo Token Gun Box 5x Resupply Map
90 300x Gold 1x Weapon Royale voucher
100 Freaky Franky T-shirt Discount Coupon
120 3x Summon Airdrop 3x Scan
125 Lightning Basher Bat Skin
130 1x Gold Royale Voucher 100x Universal Fragments
135 Banner
150  Skilled Cook (Banner) Monster Globe Loot Box
155 1x Summon Air Drop Play card
160 500x Gold 3x Pet Food
165 100x Universal Fragments
170 1x Fragment Case II 10x Cube Fragment
175 1x Bonfire Play card
180 3x Bonfires Monster Incoming Backpack
185 5x Bounty Token
190 1x Gold Royale Voucher 1x Discount Coupon
200 Monster Incoming Parachute Skin Supercurrent Skyboard
205 1x Evo Token Gun Box 100x Universal Fragments
210 3x Gold Royale Voucher 3x Pet food
215 500x Universal Fragments
220 3x Bounty Token 5x Bon Fire
225 Grenade Blast Experiment Gnarl Electrocution Bundle

The theme of the new EP is titled Voltage Vengeance. It is available in two variants each costing 499 and 999 diamonds respectively. Season 55 Elite Pass will be released on 1 December 2022.

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