Free Fire Max Time Limited Shop: How to Claim Exclusive Rewards for Free this Month


Free Fire MAX is one of the bestowed BR titles in the world and Garena is celebrating its 5th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, Garena is introducing new elements, cosmetics and many more which are up for grabs for players. The devs have introduced Free Fire MAX time-limited shop and diamonds which can be used to redeem esteemed cosmetics items featured in the game’s time-limited shop.

Free Fire MAX is the enhanced version of Free Fire which gives a premium gameplay experience while retaining the original substance. Graphics, special effects, animations, and other game elements have all been improved. Furthermore, players can transfer their progress directly to this special version. Garena will include the same content in both the titles, as part of the forthcoming 5th anniversary, they have introduced a time-limited diamonds store for players in which they can earn free rewards.

Claim Exclusive Rewards in Free Fire MAX Time-Limited Shop

free fire max time limited shop
Image via in-game

Diamonds are the Free Fire’s currency by which you buy all the in-game premium items. The time-limited diamonds are violet/pink in colour which can be used in the time-limited shop. The Time-Limited Shop prizes are obtained through short-term diamonds obtained through in-game activities. There are daily and activity missions as well as codeword-related tasks. Every day, players will be given a codeword that they can send to or obtain from friends. Moreover, a unique set of diamonds are set in phases which will be active for limited days. Some rewards will require actual diamonds to redeem the items.

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A total of 965 obtainable temporary diamonds are available in the First-wave missions which are currently running.

Image via in-game

Codeword Missions

  • The in-game friends use the players’ secret words twice. (Daily): 30 diamonds
  • Use one secret word that you learned from a friend. (Daily): 10 diamonds

Daily Missions

  • Play with friends one time: 15 diamonds
  • Deal 1000 damage: 20 diamonds
  • Three headshot kills in BR/CS/Lobe wolf: 40 diamonds

Activity Missions

  • Login five days: 30 diamonds
  • Play 10 games: 50 diamonds
  • Deal 5000 damage: 75 diamonds

The second wave will hit the game’s store on 20 August with 1035 diamonds while the third and fourth with 1280 & 1070 diamonds will arrive on 27 August and 3 September of this year respectively. A total of 4350 diamonds can be obtained throughout the four waves of the time-limited shop.

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Rewards included in the FF MAX Time-Limited Shop:

free fire max
Image via in-game

Following are the rewards set in the shop in different sections –

Fashion: Heartthrob Bundle – Male: 490 time-limited diamonds + 9 diamonds


  • Gloo Wall – Binary Call: 390 time-limited diamonds  + 9 diamonds
  • Groza – Great Plunder: 1199 time-limited diamonds
  • FAMAS – Metallic: 1199 time-limited diamonds
  • XM8 – Game Streamer: 499 time-limited diamonds

Character: Homer’s Sightless Assassin Delux Bundle – Homer character; outfit; Universal Fragments X900: 499 time-limited diamonds


  • Agent Hop: 490 time-limited diamonds + 9 diamonds
  • Spirit Fox: 499 time-limited diamonds
  • Detective Panda: 499 time-limited diamonds


  • Shattered Reality (emote): 590 time-limited diamonds + 9 diamonds
  • Switching Steps (emotes): 199 time-limited diamonds
  • Maniac Sidekick (backpack): 199 time-limited diamonds
  • Hysterical Backpack: 99 time-limited diamonds
  • Maniacal Chainsaw (surfboard): 299 time-limited diamonds
  • Hysterical Cackle (surfboard): 199 time-limited diamonds
  • Killer Mind (surfboard): 99 time-limited diamonds
  • Maniac’s Jinx (loot box): 299 time-limited diamonds
  • Hysteric Maniac: 299 time-limited diamonds
  • Psycho Maniac (profile banner): 299 time-limited diamonds
  • The Maniac Parachute: 199 time-limited diamonds

To obtain time-limited diamonds, players must fulfil missions in each wave of Free Fire MAX’s Time-Limited Shop. They could use the same to get the rewards they want from the store.

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