Free Fire MAX’s Upcoming Map is Called Nextera, Teases Garena on Kelly Show

Garena Free Fire MAX to introduce a new map named Nextera on the Fifth Anniversary!


Free Fire MAX’s fifth anniversary is about to arrive soon which excites the players about the upcoming content that developers have set for them. Similar to all other anniversaries celebrated in the past few years, this year’s anniversary is set to bring a slew of new content for the players that also includes free rewards and events.

Garena recently released Free Fire MAX OB35 update which brought in features like Gloo wall Quick-cast, Command Wheel, a new weapon and more. The anniversary-themed content was not revealed back then, but Garena is recently shedding light on specifics about the fifth-anniversary celebrations and various collaboration content. A new map will be added to the BR mode which is titled ‘Nextera’ on the fifth anniversary.

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Garena to introduce a new Free Fire MAX map named Nextera in BR modefree fire max

Nexterra was first revealed in the Kelly Show S03 E03, and fans have already been eagerly awaiting it ever since. It will be a futuristic amp, which is why most users are excited about its entry into Free Fire MAX. The map will include unique properties as well as unique dynamics such as Anti-Gravity Zones.

You can jump freely while adjusting free fall speed ad lowering the fall damage. One can also engage in fights in the mid-air too! Magic Portal will be spawned on Random Locations which allows players to transport to other locations which are already set by default. The new map will have enhanced elements to elevate and diversify overall BR experiences for players.

Alongside the new map, the developers will also include a couple of new modes for players to explore as part of the fifth-anniversary celebrations.

Free For All Mode

This mode will take place on the most recent El Pastelo map and it will feature extreme close combat action. A set of 16 players will compete in a round, and they will be able to choose their favoured guns.

Gamers will earn points for eliminating others, and the round will end when all players have accumulated a preset point total.

Droid Apocalypse

The exclusive 5th-anniversary game mode is titled Droid Apocalypse and will feature 12 people playing in a match. Users must pick their own type of droid and transform as many humans as they can before the clock goes out.

The performance will be compensated with points, and the person who accumulates the most points after 3 rounds will be crowned the winner.

It will be interesting to see how the new map and content are received by the users. Several exclusive bundles have already been making their way into the game and players can expect more in the coming days. The fifth anniversary will be celebrated on 27 August 2022 and this year, Garena has partnered up with Justin Bieber to produce a new game track.

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