Free JioCinema Premium Subscription for Select VOOT Customers; Up to 6 Months Offered

VOOT is being acquired by JioCinema as the merger is already in final stages.

  • VOOT Select users are getting free JioCinema subscriptions.
  • The offer includes up to 6 months of free JioCinema subscription.
  • This offers comes as the JioCinema and VOOT merger is in its final stages.

Free JioCinema subscription is being offered to several VOOT Select customers in India. According to DesiDime, VOOT Select subscribers can get up to 6 months of Free JioCinema subscription. Notably, JioCinema and Viacom18 Media-owned VOOT platform merger was to be finalised after the IPL 2023. The merger is coming to the final stage now that Chennai Super Kings have won the TATA IPL 2023, and the tournament is officially over. The new offer is a step in that direction. Here are all the details you need about the Free JioCinema subscription offered by VOOT Select.

VOOT Select Users Can Avail Free JioCinema Subscription

VOOT Select users are getting free JioCinema Subscription. (Image source: @mr__7 on r/IndiaEntertainment)
VOOT Select users are getting a free JioCinema Subscription. (Image source: @mr__7 on r/IndiaEntertainment)

The VOOT and JioCinema merger has been the talk of the town recently, with the official announcement reserved until the Tata IPL 2023 concludes. With the tournament over, the merger is going forward as planned, and we can expect an official announcement soon. To this extent, VOOT is now offering its Select members free JioCinema subscriptions.

The Reddit user @Mr__7 has also posted a screenshot received from VOOT with the promo code to claim the free JioCinem subscription. According to the previous reports, the back end of both JioCinema and VOOT have already been unified. This new offer indicates that VOOT is indeed folding, and its users are being migrated to the JioCinema platform.

How to Get a Free JioCinema Subscription From VOOT?

To avail of the offer and get a free subscription to JioCinema, VOOT Select users must provide their payment details on the JioCinema website. Below are the steps to claim your free subscription to JioCinema.

  1. Head to the JioCinema Help Center to Report an Issue.
  2. Enter your email ID and mobile number used for the VOOT Select subscription.
  3. Enter the payment proof for the VOOT membership in Details.
  4. Click on Submit.
  5. You should get your promo code in your email.

VOOT is sending out these promo codes to select users until the end of June. If you don’t receive the code immediately, wait till the end of June.

How to Redeem Free JioCinema Subscription Promo Code?

The email received by the Reddit user lists the steps to redeem the promo code. Take a look at the steps below.

  1. On your smartphone, download the JioCinema app.
  2. On the home page, click on More.
  3. Now, tap on Subscribe Now.
  4. Click on the Apply Promo Code option.
  5. Enter the promo code you got in the email.
  6. Click on Apply.

The promo code will offer 3 or 6 months of free JioCinema subscription, depending on your remaining VOOT Select subscription.