Galaxy S10 Colors May Have Leaked Through One UI Presentation at Samsung Developers Conference

The Samsung One UI was flaunted in five colors at the Developers Conference in San Francisco: Pink, Green, Silver, Blue, and Black. This could mean that Samsung has deliberately given a hint at what colors to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S10.


The next Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone can possibly come in five colors, according to a leak that may or may not be credible. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will certainly come with the new Samsung One UI that was unveiled two days ago at Samsung’s Developers Conference 2018, and the South Korean smartphone giant showed off a unique ability of the UI at this event.

The Android 9 Pie-based UI can change its color based on the color of the device running it, and Samsung showed off five of these colors at the said conference. While this hints at what to expect from the flagship phone next year, it is not confirmed by Samsung. Usually, upcoming hardware from brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung gets leaked through beta version of software or through developers conferences.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Possible In 5 Colors, Including Pink

Samsung Galaxy S10 colors

The Samsung One UI was flaunted on stage in five colors: Pink, Green, Silver, Blue, and Black— at the Developers Conference 2018 in San Francisco. This could mean that Samsung has deliberately given a hint at what colors to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2019, although, it did not name the device running One UI in its slideshow at the conference.

An earlier speculation pointed towards four colors for the Samsung Galaxy S10: Black, Pink, Silver, and White. We will have to wait until further leaks to see if the colors shown with Samsung One UI will be seen on the Galaxy S10, but if that happens, it will certainly add to the charm of the device. These are not completely new colors, though, and all of them have been tried and tested in previous Samsung phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10; What We Know So Far

The Samsung Galaxy S10, which has been exposed in leaks with the codename ‘Beyond’, is likely to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress to be held in Spain starting February 25. It is expected to be made in three variants, and at least, one of these will have a triple-camera setup at the rear.

The more affordable of these three variants will have a single rear camera, while the priciest will be a Plus variant of the actual flagship Galaxy S10. We reported how the Galaxy S10 is likely to be powered by a new 7nm process-based Samsung Exynos 9820 chipset, which is being developed with two cores dedicated for AI processing.

This dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) will make the new Samsung processor as fast as, or even faster than, the best-and-latest from the likes of Qualcomm, Huawei, and Apple. Also, the built-in and boosted AI prowess of the new chipset is said to enhance the camera abilities of the Samsung Galaxy S10, to match the superior camera abilities of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL (Review). Also, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will probably feature a new optic In-display fingerprint sensor that is being developed by Qualcomm.

You can expect the Galaxy S10 to come in two display sizes: 5.8-inch and 6.4-inch. The flagship model and its more affordable variant will have the smaller Super AMOLED display, while the larger display will be seen on the Galaxy S10 Plus. At the Developers Conference, Samsung unveiled a foldable phone with two displays, and there is speculation that the Galaxy S10 will have a dual-curved display that can also fold. We will have to wait until further leaks to paint a fuller picture of the Galaxy S10, and we shall update our posts as soon as that happens.