Galaxy S10 Series Outperform Galaxy S9 by 12% in Global Sales, Galaxy S10+ is the Most Popular Model


Samsung has been going strong for years now in the premium smartphone segments with its Galaxy S line of smartphones. The latest entry to this line of smartphones is the Galaxy S10 lineup that launched back in March of this year. Our time with the Galaxy S10 Plus (review) had already reassured that the smartphone series was destined for success, and a new report for Counterpoint Research confirms this. According to the report, Samsung is said to have sold 16 million units of the Galaxy S10 smartphones globally. In doing so, the Galaxy S10 has outsold the Galaxy S9 by 12 percent.

Most Of The Sales Are For The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

This sales figure that has been obtained takes the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus into account. The Galaxy S10 Plus is at the top of this list with a 42 percent share, which means the brand has sold roughly 6.7 million of these phones. The Galaxy S10 follows suit with 32 percent, and the Galaxy S10e is next with 22 percent. As far as the sales numbers go, we have 5.1 million and 3.5 units shipped respectively.

Those of you with your math skill on point would have noticed that the data mentioned above does not add up. It leaves out 4 percent of the total sales figure (around 640,000 units). We are not sure if this is just an error made by the source publication, or if there is a mistake in one of the percentages provided by Counterpoint.

Also, the data provided does not mention whether the sales figures for the Galaxy S10 5G have been taken into account. We don’t think it does because of how high the actual sales figure reportedly is for this phone. Samsung is said to have sold 1 million units of Galaxy S10 5G within 80 days of it going on sale, and this is just the number for what was achieved in South Korea.

Samsung Also Sees Growth In the Global Premium Smartphone Segment

According to Counterpoint’s report, the success of the Galaxy S10 lineup has also helped the brand marginally improve its presence in the premium smartphone market space. Samsung now holds a 25 percent market share, which is a full 3 percent higher than where it was last year. This is no small feat considering how the market space has seen a shift with consumers opting for more affordable smartphones. This is evident with how Apple has reportedly seen a noticeable dip in iPhone sales. Luckily, Samsung seems to have sustained itself and has now even surpassed its margins despite all odds.

It is expected, however, that the popularity of the Galaxy S10 lineup will start to decline in the coming days, and that we might see quite a dip in its sales. Then again, the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ are sure to win back the attention of the masses. These phones are set to be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked event on August 7.