A Galaxy S21 Has Been Submerged Underwater For Over 10 Days And It’s Still Functional

No one expects a phone to survive underwater for 12 days, but Samsung may surpass our expectations yet.


Smartphone testers and reviewers have gone to some extreme lengths to test the claims companies make. We’ve seen drop tests from multi-storeyed buildings, and tests of ruggedness where people drive cars over a phone. Now, a YouTube account called Photo Owl Time Lapse, is live streaming a submerged Samsung Galaxy S21 for 12 days straight. The phone, of course, isn’t expected to survive that long under water, but it seems to have surpassed most expectations already. At the time of writing, the phone was already past 10 hours on the stream and hadn’t fully conked off yet.

“I just got my SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 5G today and I decided to put it in an aquarium of water to stream the event until it breaks. I can’t be the only one who is curious,” the YouTuber wrote in the video’s description. There are also three updates about the phone’s performance so far. It seems the Galaxy S21’s stopwatch doesn’t go past 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. “As it turns out, the stopwatch on the S21 goes up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds only. When it reached that I had to manually restart it, and the counter started from 0 again,” says the first update on the video. The channel has so far restarted the stopwatch twice, adding about 200 hours to the counter.

The second update says that the phone presented a “moisture detected” warning at the 117 hours and 53 minutes mark. At this point, the screen became unresponsive and the phone “kept jumping between applications uncontrollably”. The update says it started working fine again after some “button pressing” and the moisture warning remained.

The third update is at the 241 hours and 10 minute mark, where the user played some music on the phone and said the speakers “sounded terrible, very quiet and barely understandable”. The lap counter on the stopwatch was pressed due to water movement, so the screen currently shows a lap time alongside the regular one. At the time of writing, the phone’s screen showed 78 hours and 37 minutes, which takes the whole submerged period beyond 11 and a half days.