GameSpot Announces Swipe, The First Edition of GameSpot Mobile Show

The showcase will feature major publishers like Ubisoft, EA, Activision, and more.


Gamespot just revealed the first-ever GameSpot Mobile Show: Swipe, scheduled to take place on September 8, 10:30 PM (Indian Standard Time). The showcase will feature some of the biggest publishers around, including Ubisoft, Apple Arcade, Activision, and many more. The stream will be live on GameSpot’s Youtube and Twitch.

The mobile game showcase will include game announcements, and trailers, for a number of games across a variety of genres. The mobile games industry has been on the up and up for the past couple of years. Major publishers on console and PC such as Activision and Ubisoft have made a major effort to bring some of their biggest IPs to the mobile platform.

The showcase will be hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, and he will be joined by Lucy Games and Tamoor Hussain from GameSpot.

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GameSpot Mobile Show: Swipe to Feature Major Game Announcements, Trailers, and More


Several publishers have confirmed their presence for the mobile showcase, including:

  • Activision
  • Apple Arcade
  • EA
  • Garena
  • Level Infinite
  • Netflix
  • Ubisoft

Mobile hardware has improved significantly in the past few years and mobile gaming has become one of the most accessible ways to experience quality games. Publishers like Activision Mobile and Garena have successfully launched games that achieve parity with their console and PC counterparts.

We can expect the next few months will see major IPs from Ubisoft make their way over to the mobile platform. Apple Arcade’s catalogue of games has grown to an impressive size and includes high-quality games such as the likes of The Pathless, Fantasian, and Sayanora Wild Hearts.

The Gamespot Mobile Show: Swipe is likely one of many such major mobile gaming events that will happen annually as the mobile games industry has shown massive potential. Just this year, Activision Blizzard’s earnings call reported that the publisher had made more revenue from mobile gaming than the PC and Console market combined.