How to Transfer Steam Games on a Local Network


Getting a new gaming laptop or computer is always an exciting experience. However, downloading your favourite games on your new system can be time-consuming and annoying, given the large sizes of modern games, some even exceeding 100GB. Thankfully, Steam allows you to transfer a complete game from one computer to another when they are on the same local network. In this guide, let’s learn how you can do that.

Pre-requisites: Adjust Discovery Settings in Windows

Before we start transferring games across your computers, we need to ensure that network discovery settings are enabled in Windows. These configurations allow your computer to see and connect with other devices on the same local network. Follow these steps on both of your computers. The procedure is the same on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Step 1: Open the Windows Search Tool by pressing Windows + S on your keyboard, and type Manage advanced sharing settings.

change windows settings

Step 2: Under the Private menu, select the Turn on network discovery option, and tick the checkbox below it.

Step 3: Now select the Turn on file and printer sharing option.

network settings windows

Step 4: Click on Save changes, and close the Settings panel.

Ensure that you make these changes on both of your computers across which you want to transfer your Steam games. Pause any ongoing game downloads. Now follow these simple steps to quickly start the game transfer.

Transfer Steam Games Locally To the New Computer

Step 1: Open the Steam client on your sender computer, and go to Settings.

open steam settings

Step 2: Navigate to the Downloads menu.

Step 3: Enable the toggle named Game File Transfer over Local Network.

Step 4: Open the dropdown menu of Allow transfers from this device to, and select Anyone.

steam settings

Step 5: Repeat the same process on your receiver computer.

Step 6: On your receiver computer, search for the game in Steam that you wish to transfer, and click on Install.

install steam game on new computer

Note: If you see a Stream option instead of the Install button on your new computer, click on the adjacent arrow icon and select This computer. The Install button will now show up.

change from stream to install

Steam will automatically detect the game files on your sender computer, and start transferring them to your new system. However, you still need an active internet connection to initiate the process. This feature is supported on all Windows computers, laptops, Steam Deck, and the ROG Ally.

Steam’s local game transfer will work on both wired and wireless connections, as long as both systems are on the same network. However, we recommend using a wired connection for game transfers for faster speeds and better reliability.

FAQs related to Transferring Steam Games Locally

I have followed all the steps, but local game transfers are not working, how to fix them?

Using an anti-virus or additional security firewalls can block local game transfers in Steam. You can temporarily disable your security features for the process. You may also need to disable the security firewall of your router in some cases. Just ensure that you re-enable these safety measures after completing the game transfers.

Can I transfer Steam games locally using two different Steam accounts?

Yes, you can transfer games locally using two different Steam accounts. Just ensure that you have selected the Anyone option in Steam settings to allow the game transfer.

Can I transfer paid games locally in Steam?

Yes, you can transfer paid games using Steam’s local transfer. However, the receiver must purchase the game separately to play it.