PlayStation 5 Update Makes It Easier to Join Discord Voice Chats and Share PSN Profile

  • The update will ensure users do not have to rely on Discord smartphone/PC apps for joining voice chats.
  • The update will roll out worldwide gradually starting in Japan and Asia.

Sony has announced a new PlayStation 5 update, which will add native support for joining Discord voice chats. The change will eliminate the need for relying on Discord smartphone and PC apps to initiate a connection. With this, players can also share their PlayStation Network (PSN) profile with others.

PlayStation 5 Discord Voice Chat

The PlayStation 5 has had official Discord support for quite a long time. It is widely used by gamers to communicate with friends when playing a video game. The only issue has been players had no choice but to use the Discord app on a mobile phone or PC to initiate a connection before joining a voice chat.

Sony is changing this with the upcoming PlayStation 5 update. It will make it possible for PlayStation 5 users to join Discord voice chats directly from the console. This can be done by visiting the PS5 Control Center > Game Hub > Discord. Make sure your PS5 and Discord accounts are linked with each other.

The next step is to choose the desired Discord server or DM group followed by the preferred voice channel. Users can check other details like who else is present in the channel. If another Discord user calls you, a PlayStation notification will let you join the call instantly.

Sony says this new PlayStation 5 update will be made available globally but gradually. It will first be released for users in Japan and Asia. The rollout will then expand to Europe, Australia/New Zealand, the Middle East, and finally America. It did not specify a timeline for how long it will take for the update to land for everyone.

Share Your PSN Profile

PlayStation 5 players will now be allowed to share their PSN profile. Users will see a new Share Profile option on their profile page. It will be accessible from the PlayStation app and the PS5 console.

The option will let users share their PSN profile as a shareable link or a QR code. It can then be shared using any messaging or social media app. If a recipient visits your profile through the link and is signed into his PSN account, they will see an option to add you as a friend. Sony says the Share Profile feature will begin rolling out next week.

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