Garmin’s Vivosmart 4 is all about oxygen saturation

Garmin's newest Vivosmart 4 brings oxygen measurement to activity trackers


Garmin’s Vivosmart series has seen new additions to it each year. The first-generation Vivosmart announced in 2015, called the Vivosmart HR, includes a heart rate monitor for the first time in Garmin activity tracking. The Vivosmart HR+, announced in 2016, adds GPS. The Vivosmart 3, announced last Spring, adds VO2 Max to register fitness level and age. Garmin’s work continues at IFA 2018 with the new Vivosmart 4.

What the Vivosmart 4 maintains

Before covering the new addition to the Vivosmart lineup, comparing the new VS4 to the VS3 and earlier predecessors is a good start. Bluetooth, heart rate monitoring, and fitness software all return in the new activity tracker. Battery life last an entire week with the new VS4, which should help active users keep going longer.

Vivosmart 4’s new addition: pulse oximeter

First, the new Garmin Vivosmart 4, like its predecessors, brings a new addition to the line: a pulse ox2 oximeter. The pulse oximeter is used by nurses to measure the oxygen saturation in a person’s blood. Nurses place the pulse oximeter on the patient’s finger and wait for an oxygen reading. For heart patients, oxygen measurement is vital to the patient’s health. Pulse oximeters indicate when something is wrong with a person’s oxygen.

One thing VS4 buyers must remember is that oxygen saturation can fluctuate based on exercise and rest. Your oxygen saturation levels dip when you exercise intensely; however, they recover when you sit down for a time.

Vivosmart 4 colors

Colors are a part of personal expression, and wearables mandate color variety. The Vivosmart 4 doesn’t disappoint, as it comes in four colors: Gray, Maroon, Blue, and Black. The Vivosmart 3 came in Black and Purple, so this new activity tracker provides twice as many colors as its predecessor. In contrast to its predecessor, the new activity tracker gives buyers twice as much expression.

Vivosmart 4 price and availability

Garmin’s new Vivosmart 4 costs $129.99, not bad for an activity tracker. The Vivosmart 3 costs $139.99, so Garmin has made the new activity tracker more affordable than its predecessor. As for availability, you can expect Garmin’s new activity tracker to be available in three to five weeks (perhaps early September’s end or early October 2018).

Garmin is a company known for its activity trackers and smartwatches, as the company makes a number of wearables each year. In January, Garmin announced the Forerunner 645 smartwatch with heart rate monitoring and Garmin Pay. In March, Garmin unveiled the Vivofit 4 fitness tracker and the Vivomove HR smartwatch. June brought the Vivoactive 3 smartwatch, the Fenix 5 Plus smartwatch series, and the launch of the Forerunner 645 in India.

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