Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut For PS5 and PS4 Takes the Journey to Iki Island With New Story

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut comes out on August 20 for the PS5 and the PS4.

Ghost of Tsushima

One of the most exciting bits of news out of the PlayStation camp this past week was the announcement of Ghost of Tsushima – Director’s Cut. Given the state of things in entertainment right now, Director’s Cut(s) seem to be quite trendy, ever since fans banded together to rally for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

In gaming, it isn’t yet quite defined what a “Director’s Cut” really means, but right now, we’ve got two to look forward to – with one of them being SuckerPunch Production‘s Ghost of Tsushima. The excellent 2020 open-world action-adventure game wasn’t just a visual treat, but also featured one of the best combat systems in any game – and told a rather compelling and sincere story.

Well, fans of the game are in for a treat as more story content is headed their way, and it looks like Jin’s journey isn’t quite over yet. PlayStation just announced Ghost of Tsushima’s release date – August 20th, along with a new story on Iki Island, new gameplay, and PS5 exclusive features.

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What else is new in Ghost of Tsushima – Director’s Cut?

Right off the bat, perhaps the thing that excites fans the most is all the new, potentially fantastic story that will unfold on Iki Island. These means an all-new map with new environments to explore as well as new armor for Jin and his horse, new techniques, new enemy types, and a lot more.

The great news is that PS4 players won’t miss out on Jin’s Iki Island adventures as Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut also comes on last-gen consoles. While they’ll get all the new story content and new gameplay, some features will be exclusive to the PS5, such as:

  • Lip Sync for Japanese Audio
  • Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Trigger support for Legends and Ghost of Tsushima
  • Enhancements to 3D Audio
  • Improved load times
  • Targeted 60 FPS
Ghost of Tsushima
The Director’s Cut will take full advantage of the PS5 hardware as well as the Dualsense.

PlayStation also announced new updates, including an all-new mode. The studio and PlayStation will share more information about the new mode in the weeks to come – till then, players can run through Iki Island and discover what the newest phase of Jin’s life holds for him.

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