God of War Ragnarok: 5 Things We Want to See in God Of War’s Culmination of the Norse Mythology

The upcoming game will most likely resolve many of the story arcs introduced in the 2018 game.


God of War Ragnarok is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the Santa Monica‘s critically-acclaimed 2018 hit – God of War. The game has been in development for a while now and was announced back during the PS5 Reveal Event in 2020.

After a couple of delays as a result of complications during the development cycle, we finally have a release date for one of this year’s biggest AAA titles. God of War Ragnarok finally arrives on 9th November 2022, finally closing the book on the Norse Saga of the franchise.

It has been confirmed by the devs that this will be the final chapter in the Norse realm – which opens up a lot of opportunities for the series’ future. With the chapter coming to a close, it’s time we take a look at God of War Ragnarok and some things we would love to see in the upcoming game.

[Spoiler Warning for 2018’s God of War and potential spoilers for the upcoming game]

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5 Things We’re Hoping We Get to See in God of War Ragnarok

More of Loki/Atreus’ Children

At the end of the 2018 game, Atreus’ giant bloodline was finally brought to light and it was revealed that Kratos’ deceased wife – Faye, was indeed a giant. It was also revealed to the pair that it was Faye who had been guiding them throughout their journey to Jotunheim and that the giants had already seen the events that would unfold leading up to that point.

However, the biggest reveal at that moment was the revelation of the name that the giants had for Faye and Kratos’ son – Loki. Norse mythology enthusiasts and perhaps fans of the MCU will recognize Loki as the trickster god who is the source of most malevolence in all the realms.

It was alluded to that some weird time-bending shenanigans occurred when Thor went up against the World Serpent and that he is a creature out of its time. Those who are up to speed on their Norse mythology – will have recognized the World Serpent as being one of Loki’s children, and even in the game, the World Serpent showed signs of recognition when he saw Loki/Atreus.

Safe to say, there is a huge chance we will get to see more of Atreus’ offsprings in the next game, as the newest CG trailer also showcased a wolf that looked a lot like Fenrir – the son of Atreus and giantess Angrboda (also revealed in a previous trailer). It is highly likely that we will finally get a resolution on how these children came to be and whether they are indeed Atreus’ children.

Resolution on Faye’s Story

God of War Ragnarok
[Image via IGN]
The final moments of the 2018 game finally closed the chapter on the game’s main arc, but at the same time, it teased the players with many unanswered questions. The paintings on the wall seem to suggest that Faye was acutely aware of the events that would transpire after her death – but also the events leading up to it.

Faye was the original wielder of the Leviathan Axe that Kratos uses in the game and had proved herself to be a formidable warrior. There are still a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to Faye such as if she had known of Kratos before he arrived in the Norse realm and whether she was the one to have set things in motion for their child to reach Jotunheim and learn of his giant origins.

Despite her being assuredly dead, Faye is one of the most interesting characters in the God of War series and fans cannot wait to learn more about her and finally understand her place in the story.

God of War Ragnarok’s Imagining of Asgard

Right before the pair almost reached Jotunheim through the Bifrost Chamber, they were interrupted by Baldur, who instead turned the key for Asgard. His bold proclamations of the “full weight of Asgard” coming for the pair instilled a sense of dread in both the player and Kratos.

Instead, the pair was able to break out of the beam and were locked into battle with Baldur atop a dragon in Midgard. Odin had blocked access to Asgard through the Bifrost Chamber, and so, the realm wasn’t accessible in the 2018 game.

Asgard is home to the mighty Aesir gods and in all respects, a terrible place for the pair. Yet, players can’t wait to finally see what Santa Monica’s version of Asgard looks like, given their artful and brutal portrayals of the rest of Norse Mytholgy. Fans are hoping they will finally get to see Asgard and most likely get themselves into trouble with the Aesir and throwdown with a god or two.

A Climactic Showdown with the God of Thunder

A secret final cutscene of God of War (2018) awaited players once they returned home after having visited Jotunheim. The pair finally rests and at some point in the near future, they are visited by one of the most fearsome figures in Norse Mythology – Thor.

The Mjolnir-wielding god had terrorized the giants for years and single-handedly brought about the end of the giants – securing a win for the Allfather – Odin. While Odin seems like a terrifying, paranoid monster in his own right – he appears to be more of a cerebral villain than anything else.

God of War has always relied on massive, physical throwdowns to really sell the scale of these games and Thor seems like the perfect match for Kratos in terms of strength and sheer brutality. It will be interesting to see how a fight between these two will go down and whether Kratos can get the upper hand.

It seems that the game is building up to a climatic showdown between these two and we are curious to see if their fight is indeed the one to bring about Ragnarok.

Tyr Reveals Other Realms and Worlds

Kratos was the God of War in the Greek pantheon and his reputation had reached the far shores of the Norse Realms and Tyr appears to have been quite interested in the Ghost of Sparta. Tyr is the God of War in the Norse Mythology and is shown to be quite the benevolent figure – brokering peace with the giants on behalf of the Aesir and is much more content travelling to other realms and worlds.

A couple of other mythologies and realms were teased in the 2018 game such as Egypt. Whether the pair’s next adventure awaits them in Egypt remains to be seen, and it rests on whether Tyr finally reveals to Kratos and Atreus his means for travel.

The trailer for Ragnarok revealed that the pair will finally free Tyr from his imprisonment, so there is a chance that the God of War of the Norse Realm will most likely be on their side. This will most likely setup a fantastic opportunity for the future of the franchise and whether that includes Kratos remains to be seen.