God of War Ragnarok Day 1 Patch Notes are Here: Reveals Several Fixes Across the Board

Ragnarok is here, along with a Day 1 patch.


God of War Ragnarok is mere hours away and as players prepare to jump right into the game, they might want to download this update first. The Day 1 patch contains several fixes to do with gameplay, performance, dialogue, and cinematics. However, those looking to avoid spoilers might want to skip reading these patch notes as they contain names of Quests, Creatures, and Abilities.

Day 1 patches are fairly common in gaming and aren’t really indicative of a half-baked launch by any stretch of the imagination. Given the scale, size, and scope of Ragnarok, it is a surprise that the patch is only about 1GB in size. So, they shouldn’t be a big download for most players.

To download the patch, simply press the Options button while hovering over God of War Ragnarok on your PlayStation 4/5 Home and select “Check for Updates” to download God of War Ragnarok (v. 02.00). The game is currently still available for pre-order and those who have pre-ordered the game will be able to play it at midnight tonight.

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God of War Ragnarok v 2.00 Patch Notes


Quests and Progression

  • Fixed a case where an NPC would reappear after completing the quest “Cure for the Dead.”
  • Fixed an instance where the player would be unable to interact with an NPC in the quest “The World of Fate.”
  • Fixed a case where the companion would not activate a puzzle element in the quest “The World of Fate.”
  • Fixed several cases where the companion would not move to the correct location during the quest “Forging Destiny”, which blocked puzzle completion and required a restart from the last checkpoint.
  • Fixed a case where gates would be unavailable when backtracking during the quest “Reunion.”
  • Fixed a case where enemies could spawn twice, causing an abnormally difficult encounter.
  • Fixed several cases where specific shopkeepers would not spawn, requiring a checkpoint restart to restore them.
  • Fixed a case where the player could not exit the room in the quest “Into the Fire.”


  • Fixed several cases where enemy loot would fall in inaccessible places and could only be retrieved from the lost items chest in the shop.
  • Fixed a few cases where the companion would get stuck and not follow the player.
  • Fixed cases where the companion would behave erratically.
  • Added checkpoints to specific encounters that were missing them.
  • Made improvements to AI pathing.
  • Fixed several cases where the player could fall through the world under certain conditions.
  • Fixed several locations where the player could not interact with an elevator or was blocked from entering an elevator.
  • Fixed a case where the player was unable to enter the Svartalfheim office, which prevented them from returning to the bay when backtracking.
  • Fixed a case where the player was unable to interact with health stones during the quest “The Lost Sanctuary.”


  • Fixed a rare case where the final boss does not appear in the final boss fight, requiring a restart from the previous checkpoint to correct.
  • Fixed several cases where canceling a move to evade would not properly cancel.
  • Fixed a case where projectiles from a player weapon would be invisible.
  • Fixed a number of cases where enemies could be knocked out of the world.
  • Fixed several cases where enemies could get stuck in the environment.
  • Fixed a case where the enemy in the quest “The Burning Skies” could remain passive.
  • Fixed a case where fighting a particular enemy while exploring would cause the weapon to be visually misaligned from the enemy.
  • Fixed a case where an enemy would not be properly stunned by a particular heavy runic attack on Give me God of War difficulty.
  • Fixed a case where using a realm shift ability when an enemy was spawning could cause them to get stuck during the quest “The Desert Door.”

To read the complete patch notes, head on over to the official God of War Ragnarok Santa Monica Studio support site, linked here.