Google’s Best Phones Forever Ad Campaign Show Pixel 7 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro; Promises Some Fun and Some Cringe When Phones Talk

Google's latest ad-series shows Pixel-iPhone rivalry in a fun and friendly light while still taking jabs at the iPhone.

  • Google has released its latest Best Phones Forever ad campaign.
  • The campaign shows the Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro talking as best friends with a cameo from Pixel Fold.
  • It’s a 5-ad series with Pixel features highlighted over iPhones.

Google’s latest #BestPhonesForever ad campaign is a refreshing take on the Pixel-iPhone rivalry. As you can guess, the campaign is a take on best friends forever. Unlike Samsung —the company known for brutally trolling iPhones in its ads— Google is taking the fun and friendly route showing Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro as best friends. In the entire series, iPhone could be seen wishing it had the features of the Pixel. The ad highlights features like Astrophotography, built-in VPN, battery sharing, and more. Let’s take a look at what the campaign is all about.

Google Takes Jab at Apple in Its Latest Funny Ad Campaign

As mentioned, the new Best Phone Forever ad campaign shows iPhone 14 Pro and Google 7 Pro talking as best friends. The first video in the series (embedded above) is named Plateau and shows the beginning of the banter between the two phones.

The video starts with Apple saying how it’s now fourteen and Pixel 7 Pro saying it’s legendary. iPhone 14 Pro can be seen wishing for the features like 30x zoom, astrophotography, AI image processing, and more. Pixel then mentions how the Blue messages bubbles are so cool, hinting at the popularity of iMessage, but iPhone says that it has to show for its 14 years of existence.

As you can see, the first video in the series sets the tone for the entire campaign. You can see Pixel 7 Pro praising the iPhone 14 Pro but with backhand compliments, which are not offensive. As you can guess by now, the four following ads are of the same tone.

The next video is Seeing Stars highlighting the astrophotography mode on Pixel 7 Pro. We can see iPhone wishing it could see the stars like Pixel does, taking night sky pictures using flash, and more. What makes the video funny is the Pixel 7 Pro asking if iPhone is sending some message to extraterrestrials with its flash and iPhone responding with, “No, I am using night sight, with my night light.”

The third video, Sketchy Wi-Fi, is about the built-in dedicated VPN service Google rolled out for Pixel 7 users in December. Notably, Google also offers the same VPN service to Google One subscribers. We can see iPhone 14 Pro being paranoid about hackers on public Wi-Fi and being astonished at Pixel 7 Pro’s VPN being free. Case in point, Apple doesn’t have a dedicated VPN on devices, and third-party VPN apps are expensive.

The fourth video in the series, called Lifesaver, is the most hilarious one, where the iPhone is seen lying dead because of streaming the friendly football coach series (Ted Lasso reference). The Pixel 7 Pro is seen flipping the iPhone over and lying on top of it to revive using the Battery Share feature. Notably, iPhones are notorious for fast-draining batteries and have been the butt of the joke for this for too long.

The last video in the series is Opening Up, where the Pixel 7 Pro is replaced by Pixel Fold, asking iPhone if it can notice anything new about the Pixel. This is where the comedy callback is expertly placed by the media agency, with iPhone recollecting all features mentioned in the ad series but not spotting the obvious. The video ends with the Pixel Fold unfolding and asking iPhone if it wants to play games, clearly taking a jab at no foldable iPhone in Apple’s portfolio.

While Google’s #BestPhoneForever ad campaign is a quirky and friendly take on the rivalry, it is a double-edged sword taking a jab at Apple in every ad. It remains to be seen how Apple will react to the campaign.