Google Assistant Gets A New Look Just In Time For The Made By Google Event

This is the first major design overhaul since the launch of the Google Assistant and will make interactions easier by supplementing audio responses with visuals


In the run-up to the Made By Google event that is just around the corner, Google has given a makeover to its smart assistant. With the design overhaul, the search giant is letting you get more out of its Google Assistant. Whether your preferred mode of interaction is voice, touch, or a combination of the two, Google has made it made it that much easier for you to use the Assistant.

A Major Makeover Just In Time For The Big Day

By way of explanation, Google said that since the debut of its smart assistant two years ago, it has noticed that around half of all the interactions include both touch and voice. From here on, in addition to voice-based responses, your commands and queries will get a visual response as well. The audio responses will be complemented by images, sliders, and buttons to provide all the information you need at a glance. Managing your smart home devices will also be easier now, courtesy of the new controls and sliders. Similarly, you will be able to compose messages quicker with the interactive messaging interface that will enable you to change words or add punctuations marks with your fingers.

Android users can also get a snapshot of their day by launching the Assistant and swiping up. New tools are now available to developers and brands to cash in on the screen size. For instance, Starbucks will now be able to provide thumbnails of the recommended items on the menu and FitStar will provide a preview of your workout using GIFs. You will also be able to purchase digital goods using voice commands.

Laying The Groundworks For Smart Display Launch

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, you will be able to experience most of these changes with the exception of a few. For instance, only Android users will get curated information about their day on their phones. The latest update is another indication that Google may unveil the rumored Home Hub, a touch screen based smart speaker in the upcoming hardware event that will take place on October 9.

The Google Assistant has surely come a long way since its inception as shown in the video below: