Google Assistant Will No Longer Require ‘Hey Google’ Hotword, Will Add Quick Phrases Instead

Google Pixel Android 12

Google, last month, announced Android 12 at the Google I/O event. The new Android version comes with a bunch of features alongside a visual upgrade. It is set to release later this year. The Android update is currently under developer preview. A new report from XDA Developers has revealed one of the new features that Google did not announce at Google I/O 2021. The upcoming Android 12 feature will allow users to interact with the Assistant without saying “Hey Google”. This new “quick phrases” feature is code-named guacamole. Let’s take a look at the upcoming Google Assistant feature coming with Android 12.

No more “Hey Google” for Google Assistant?

Android 12 is currently under beta and will release later this year. One of the features will invoke Google Assistant without saying the two words.

XDA Developers has found references to a new Android 12 feature codenamed guacamole. The report states that this feature called “quick phrases” was spotted during a teardown of the latest Google App v12.22.5. It revealed that Google is working on a feature that allows users to interact with the Assistant without saying “Okay Google” or “Hey Google”. Users will be able to skip saying the hotwords for common voice interactions involving a ringing alarm, incoming call, or ongoing timer. This means that you do not need to say “Hey Google” to dismiss the morning alarm once the feature is enabled.

The teardown also revealed some details about Dynamic Shortcuts. The feature will suggest various shortcuts based on the user’s app usage and context. “The latest Google App update prepares support for this feature, with strings stating that dynamic shortcuts are “related to what you’re typing and can be based on interactions with apps on your device,” the report stated. Dynamic shortcuts were introduced with Android Nougat as a way for developers to provide specific, context-sensitive actions within an app.

The two features are likely to roll out on smartphones running on the latest Android 12 update later this year.

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