Google Chrome Can Now Search Through Browsing History, Open Tabs and Make Search More Relevant Through Filters

The latest update will be rolled out in a phased manner.


Google has added new features to the Chrome address bar, including a zoom function and a history search. The Zoom function allows users to explore results through more relevant filters, while the history search allows users to look through saved tabs and bookmarks to dig out something you were researching before. Google has also introduced AR shopping for beauty products and shoes.

Chrome adds Search Filters, History and Tabs Search

Chrome will now allow users to zoom in on search results as a easier way to explore. It’s not literally zooming in on text, but clicking on relevant filters to fine tune the search results. The functionality also offers a scrollable list of similar subjects at the top of the results page to narrow down the search or revert to a more relevant topic.

For instance, if you search “Dinner ideas”, you might see “healthy” or “Easy”. Tapping on each filter will modify the results and reduce the amount of time you’d need typing the query.

Users can now also search their history, open tabs or bookmarks right from the address bar, through commands like @bookmarks, @history, @tabs and the likes. These will throw up results from things you have already looked at.

For instance, if you are researching for your next vacation with dozens of tabs open on Chrome, you can simply search with @tabs to dig out that hotel you have been looking at. Or if you have already saved a destination as bookmark, simply type @bookmark with the name of the place, to quickly get to it. Similarly, if you had been looking at a restaurant a few days back, you can pull it up with a @history search from the address bar instead of manually scouring through the history page.

The latest Chrome update also allows to activate custom site search shortcuts from the Chrome address bar on desktop. Simply add go to chrome:/settings/searchEngines to manage search engines and site search.

The latest features will be rolled out in a phased manner over the next few days for English speaking users in the US and on the Google app for iOS and Android.