Google Chrome On MacOS Mojave To Get Dark Mode But In 2019 Indicates Recently Approved Code Change

Google Chrome will get a system-wide Dark Mode on MacOS Mojave, but next year


Google Chrome on Apple MacOS has been updated to version 71. Despite quite a few feature improvements, Google did not include the eagerly awaited Dark Mode in Google Chrome. But, the change is coming, and more importantly, is already on the way, confirmed a code change request that passed the review process.

The recently released MacOS Mojave has a fully functioning Google Chrome web browser. Although the sleek and powerful web browser is regularly updated, it still does not have a system-level Dark Mode. Users of the open source web browser on MacOS Mojave, however, will get their Dark Mode, but it will arrive in 2019. The precise delay becomes apparent after considering the time-frame the code changes take place as they begin and end their journey through the various builds of the Chrome browser.

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Google Chrome On Apple MacOS Mojave To Get Dark Mode In 2019

A Google developer has already submitted a code change that is primarily important to implement a system-level Dark Mode in Chrome browser for the Apple MacOS Mojave. Interestingly, the code change has passed through the review process. In other words, the code change that will allow implementation of Dark Mode in Chrome has been given the go-ahead. This means the feature will surely arrive, but will be available to the MacOS users only in 2019.

Google Chrome Dark Mode MacOS Mojave
[Image Credit: MacRumors]
The delay is due to the various builds of Chrome that Google goes through, before the features first developed at the tech giant trickle down to the final and stable release of the open source web browser. Google slowly and painstakingly tests the new features through these builds to ensure they work smoothly and do not cause any glitches.

The developed code begins its journey in Chromium, the open source web browser that serves as the foundation of Chrome. It then gradually passes through various builds of Google Chrome, starting from Canary to Chrome Dev to Chrome Beta to Chrome. The stable build of Google Chrome is usually released to all users in about six weeks time. The Google Chrome Release 72 has already branched out. MacOS users can expect to receive the same in January 2019. In other words, the release 73 of Google Chrome for Apple MacOS Mojave should arrive early next year, and should bring the Dark Mode.

Google Chrome Dark Mode For MacOS Mojave

The Dark Mode is now at the Chromium stage. But it is currently lying dormant behind ‘feature flags’. These are code-level toggle switches that either prevent a code from being deployed for use or simply keep them inactive.

Google Chrome Dark Mode MacOS Mojave
[Image Credit: MacRumors]
The Dark Mode on Google Chrome for MacOS Mojave is a system-level cosmetic change. However, the application is quite comprehensive. The Dark Mode applies to the omnibox, tabs, menus, bookmark bar, status bar, and dialog boxes. The dark theme even works on the startup page with Google search and shortcuts. Eventually, users could easily switch on the system-level Dark Mode by heading over to System Preferences.

There is an interesting issue that Google must first address with the Dark Mode for Chrome. The Dark Mode looks remarkably similar to Chrome’s private-browsing mode which is referred to as Incognito Mode. Google will have to make some changes to ensure the two remain visually different.