Google Home Hub now supports Duo, despite the absence of front camera

Here's how you can use the Google Duo calling on the Google Home Hub even though it doesn't have a front-facing camera.


Google launched its another smart product known as Google Home Hub under its popular home lineup earlier this month. Along with that, the brand unveiled its much awaited Pixel smartphones. At the core, the Google Home Hub is a smart display geared with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It works exactly like the brand’s other smart products such as Google Home. You can not only just hear the response but can also interact with it through the display. In an interesting development, Google’s Home Hub is found to support Duo calls even though it doesn’t have any front-facing camera. Here’s how you can enable it and use it.

Google Home Hub supports Duo calls but there’s a catch

Since there is no front-facing camera on the Home Hub, you cannot initiate a two-way video chat. Although, you can still go with a one-way Duo video call. If the person on the other side has a video camera, then he can participate in this video call. You will be able to see his live stream on your Hub’s display. Again, you don’t have any front-facing camera meaning the person at the other end will only see your profile picture. To initiate a video call, you have to just “Voice call” followed by the contact’s name. In a similar way, just say “end the call” or “hang up” to end the video call. You can also mute the call by saying “Mute” and “Unmute” and can also answer or decline a call in a similar fashion. However, to make use of these functions, you must have the person in your contact list.

Here’s how you can enable Duo calls on Google Home Hub

To enable the Google Duo calling on your Home Hub, you have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the Google Home app

2. Tap the “Home” button at the bottom of the app

3. Head over to the settings of your smart display and then enable the Duo voice calling option

No doubt, the addition of a front-facing camera on the Google Home Hub would have made it a perfect smart display out there. Google defends the lack of front-facing camera by basing its decision of scrapping the front-facing camera to protect user privacy. On the other hand, experts think that the brand might have done it to keep Home Hub’s pricing in check. Whatever the case maybe, you can still use Google Duo for voice calling on Home Hub, but again, keep in mind the person at the other end must have a device with front-facing camera.