Google One Members on Non-Pixel Phones Set to Get Magic Eraser Plus and More Features

Google has introduced many new features like Magic Eraser for its Google One members.

  • Google has introduced new features for Google One Members.
  • The newly introduced features include Magic Eraser, HDR effects for videos and more.
  • The feature is live for Google Photos app in Android and iOS.


Google has been working on features to improve the experience of standard and premium users. Yesterday, we saw Google testing 1080p premium playback with enhanced bitrate for YouTube premium users. The search engine giant has announced new features for its Google One members, including Magic Eraser. Google unveiled the Magic Eraser feature along with the Pixel 6 series smartphones. The feature was a life-saver for many users, as it helped to remove unwanted objects from the photos. Everyone thought the feature would be limited to Pixel smartphones. But, the search engine giant has surprised everyone by introducing the feature to every smartphone user with an active Google One membership.

Magic Eraser, HDR Effect for Videos and More for Google One Members

Google has officially announced the introduction of a magic eraser, HDR effects for videos, an exclusive collage editor and more for Google One members through a blog post. The updated features will be available for any Google One members who use Google Photos app on Android or iOS. Google Photos is one of the best apps to store, view, organize, edit and share images & videos.

Over the years, the company has been adding many features to the app to improve the user experience of its users. Google has already pushed the features like Magic Eraser for its Google One users. All the newly introduced features for Google One members would be available for Pixel smartphone owners without membership. However, Google has limited the free shipping on print orders for Google One members.

Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser tool is the tool to remove distractions in the background to make it a perfect shot. The tool will detect all distractions in your photos, like photobombers or power lines, which can be removed in a few taps. Google also allows its users to use circle or brush tools to erase, and the tool will ensure that those items will disappear. The tool also has a Camouflage feature that can change the colour of objects in the images. It will help those objects blend in naturally with the rest of the photos.

The use of HDR effects for images is already live and can help to balance dark foregrounds and bright backgrounds or vice versa. Google will now allow using the HDR effect to enhance the brightness and contrast of videos. Another feature available for Google One users is the new collage editor designs. Google Photos users can apply Styles to a single photo in the collage editor. Apart from this, the company also brings a range of new Styles for Google One members and Pixel users.

Google has introduced free shipping on orders from the print store for Google One members. The services would be available for members in the United States, Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom. It will help the users to store their memories with custom photo books, canvas prints and photo prints. The features would also be available for members who sign up for a free trial in Google Photos from early march.