Google Photos Adds Satellite Layer to Map View Showing Where You Took Your Photos

Google Photos uses the camera GPS and Google location history.

Google Photos

Google Maps offers a feature called timeline which shows users the places they have been to ever since they are using the Google Maps on their smartphone. While, not everyone is a big fan of this feature, but the feature allows people to see where they were at any given point of time. Now, Google has come up with a new feature to Google Photos where it will show you where you have taken your photos in the form of a timeline.

The search giant is adding this feature to the app with the latest 5.23.0 version update. The new addition comes just after Google announced the rollout of a new cinematic photo feature to the Google Photo app for a 3D picture. Here’s a closer look at the new feature and how it works.

Google Photos Map Timeline Feature

According to Google, with this new update, users will be able to see Maps timeline on the images in Google Photos. To use this feature all you need to do is to open the Google Photos and head to the search tab. There you can witness a new warning popping-up explaining the Maps timeline feature, even though the pop-up didn’t show up you can click on Your Map section and start exploring your timeline. As per the report, Google Photos uses the camera GPS and Google location history to detect the landmarks to show the photo map timeline.

“You can use your photos’ locations to organise, search, and explore your photos based on where they were taken,” Google has said on its support page. This feature will be useful for people who travel and click pictures a lot, they can also use this timeline to create a beautiful video of their trip and flaunt it on social media. Do note that the Google Photos will only show those images on the timeline which are captured on their smartphone with location setting on.

“Your map shows photos including shared photos you’ve saved. It uses location info such as your camera’s GPS, detected landmarks, and your location history,” Google explains. The feature is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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