Google Pixel 3 Latest Security Update is Making Text Messages Disappear, and Here’s the Fix

Some users tried restarting their devices to fix it, and they only ended up losing all the older conversations.


We recently reported how Google Pixel 3 owners are facing overheating issues while charging, causing the device to shut down. While the problem still prevails for some users, the device is back in news with a different issue. This time, the Pixel 3 owners are losing their text messages. A significant number of Reddit users have noted that Google Pixel 3 keeps deleting all of their text messages. The conversations dated years back have suddenly disappeared.

The issue started surfacing a couple of days before, so we know it’s not something that had been prevailing since the launch. Although, Google Pixel 3 users have registered several issues ever since the device came out.

Issue Started Showing Up After the Latest Security Update

Some users reported that their messaging app behaved in a peculiar fashion at first, like starting a new thread for a present chat, deleting the recent ones. And then, all of the threads, old and new, disappeared altogether. Some users tried restarting their devices, and they only ended up losing all the older conversations. We have established it’s not a launch issue as people have started reporting this just last week. However, the Pixel 3 devices recently received the November Security Update along with a messaging app update and that could be the source of the matter. The November Security Update was supposed to fix the wireless charging issue, instead, we have a regular charging overheating situation and the message ghosting issue.

While a lot of unfortunate users have been hit with the new Pixel 3 bug, one fella was lucky enough to find a fix. The temporary workaround is to switch back to an older version of the Messaging app. In order to do this easily, head over to the Settings in your Pixel 3 device, then go to Apps & Notifications, and look for Messages. Now, look for the menu button at the top-right of the App Info page, and select Uninstall updates. This is just an temporary fix that worked for one user. If you don’t want to risk losing any important conversation threads, use a third-party messaging app to keep a backup.

Google to Fix the RAM Management Issue Soon

Google has only recently acknowledged the RAM management issue on the latest Google Pixel devices. The tech giant has announced to release a fix with an upcoming update. The company has not mentioned a specific timeline for the same, but we are hoping to get rid of this annoying bug soon. The latest Pixel devices come with 4GB RAM, that apparently is not enough to prevent premature closing of the apps running the background. A lot of Google Pixel 3 users have reported this problem on social media where they can’t perform basic multi-tasking without the apps getting reset or closed altogether.

The camera bug of the Google Pixel devices is still on the loose and we are hoping the upcoming update fixes all of the running issues. Moreover, Google Pixel smartphones have started receiving the November security update that comes with a handful of improvements and some bug fixes. The highlight of the update is the fix for the wireless charging issue in Google Pixel 3. For people who are unaware, Google was limiting the charging speed of Pixel 3 smartphones when charged using a third-party wireless charging pad. While the major issues have been handled, Google still has a lot of loose ends to fix. Let’s see when the tech giant releases the next major update.