Google Pixel 4 Leaked in Hands-on Video, Tipped to Feature 8X Zoom, Motion Mode for Camera, and More


So far, every Pixel device from Google has leaked in full before its official launch. And the upcoming Pixel 4 is no different. There have been a few leaks recently, revealing a few features of the device. However, the Pixel 4 has now leaked in hands-on videos. And not one, but in two hands-on videos. Moreover, a few camera features of the device have also been leaked. Let us have a deeper look.

Pixel 4 Will Have Triple-Camera Setup, Thick Bezels

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Posted by Halo Mobile on Thursday, 5 September 2019

The first hands-on video comes from the Facebook page of Halo Mobile, and it shows the Pixel 4 from almost all angles. The first thing you’ll notice in the video is that the Pixel 4 has a triple-camera setup at the rear. This, however, isn’t anything new, as we’ve seen it in recent leaks. The second thing you’ll notice is that the device has a black colored rear panel, and it seems to a have glossy finish on top. At the bottom, there is a USB Type-C port and a speaker grill. The device has power and volume buttons to the right-hand side and SIM card slot to the left. What is disappointing to see is that the Pixel 4 seems to have thick bezels around the display. They aren’t as thick as the ones in the Pixel 3, but they are thicker compared to the ones in high-end smartphones nowadays.

It Will Ship with Android 10 Operating System

The second hands-on video is actually a GIF. It shows that the Pixel 4 with a white-colored rear panel and a black colored front panel. The device has the same triple-camera setup, ports, and button placement as the Pixel 4 that was in the video we talked about earlier. This GIF, however, shows that the Pixel 4 is running on Android 10, which isn’t surprising, as each new pixel comes with a new version of Android.

There Will Be 6GB of RAM, 8x Zoom, Improved Night Sight Mode


Apart from the hands-on videos, a few images of the Pixel 4 have leaked through Weibo. The first image shows that the Pixel 4 has 6GB of RAM. However, there could be versions with higher RAM capacity. The second image shows that the Pixel 4 features 8x zoom with the rear.  There is no confirmation if this is digital zoom, optical zoom, or hybrid zoom. And speaking of the camera, 9 to 5 Google reports that the Pixel 4 will have ‘Motion Mode,’ which will allow users to capture better action shots. The publication also says that the Pixel 4 will come with an improved Night Sight mode offering better image quality and faster image processing.

Pixel 4 Will Most Probably Launch in October

Every Pixel device so far has made its debut in October. And the same could be the case with the Pixel 4. If there have been so many leaks of the Pixel 4 a month before its launch, I am sure there will be even more leaks of the device as the launch nears.