Google Pixel Foldable Phone Leaks Indicate That the Phone Could Actually Exist

Google's foldable phone is almost real and it could be launched in late 2021, or early next year.

There’s no doubt that the foldable phone market will see many more devices in 2021. New OEMs are already betting on the foldable form factor for phones. Evidently, Samsung and Huawei are already ahead in the foldable devices competition. And, now, it looks like Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, LG, and Google are expected to join the foldable phone race soon. We’ve been hearing about Google’s Pixel foldable phone for a while now. In fact, Google had even filed a patent back in 2018, which revealed some tidbits about the first foldable phone from the company.

Well, now we have confirmation about Google’s foldable phone from the renowned leaker Jon Prosser, who has a great track record.

If we go by the details shared by Jon Prosser, he mentions in his tweet that Google foldable phone is real. And, it could be launched in late 2021, or early next year. Prosser’s leak regarding Apple’s devices have been accurate in the past, and we could trust this information shared by him regarding the Google foldable device. In fact, Prosser shot to fame when he leaked the Pixel 3XL’s bucket notch design first.

Google Pixel Foldable History of Rumours

Anyway, Google had confirmed back in 2019 that it is developing a new prototyping technology that could be used in foldable devices. Although, Google back then didn’t have – “a clear use case yet.” In fact, Mario Queiroz, lead of development of Pixel phones at Google, had even confirmed at the I/O developer conference that Google has experimented with the foldable form factor, and it doesn’t have any plans to rush to the foldable phone market soon.

Google Pixel Foldable

Interestingly, Google has already added support for foldable phones with the release of Android 10 last year. Moreover, Google released Android 10 API level 29 which adds more support for foldable devices and different folding patterns. Features such as app continuity, multi-window support, resizable apps are baked in this version.

Earlier this week, we even saw a report by The Elec, that Samsung is in the process of developing a foldable OLED panel to supply to Oppo, Xiaomi, and Google. The report had detailed some information about each each OEM’s requirement regarding for folding displays. In fact, Google has asked Samsung to develop a foldable OLED panel around 7.6-inches in size. No other information except the display size is available at the moment.

However, as the days pass, we might get to learn more about the Google Pixel foldable phone. What are your thoughts about the Google Pixel foldable smartphone? Would you be interested in buying one when it launches? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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