Google Search Gets Support for More Indian Languages, Google Lens Can Now Solve Math Problems, More New Features Unveiled at L10n Event

Users will now be able to see search results in their preferred local language.

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Google, at the L10n event, announced a host of new features for Indian users. These new features aim at improving the accessibility of services, such as search engine, and Maps for the Indian users. The company is adding a new feature for the users which allows them to see the search results in their preferred local language. Also, the search engine will start showing content in supported Indian languages even if a user types a query in English. As per the announcement, Google Maps will also show results in nine Indian languages. Let us have a look at the details,

Google is adding a new feature for the users to allow them to see search results in their preferred local languages. This includes support for Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, and Marathi languages. To those unaware, users already have an option to switch between English and Hindi. The company had introduced the functionality to switch between English and Hindi results back in 2016. The company is also adding a new feature that will show search results in the local language even if a user types his query in English. Only 5 languages are supported as of now which includes Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. The feature will roll out gradually over the next 5 months.

The company is also localizing the experience with Google Maps app. Users will be able to see the search results in Google Maps apps in nine Indian languages without changing the system language. Users will also be able to choose their preferred language in the Maps settings. This feature isn’t something Google is introducing for the first time. A similar language picker feature is already available on Google Discover, and Google Assistant. Mountain View tech giant has also announced a new multilingual model called Multilingual Representations for Indian Languages (MuRIL). This new model will help systems understand Indian languages at a large scale.

Google Lens can now fetch solutions of Mathematics Problems!

Google is finally bringing the ability to show answers of Mathematics problems to Google lens. Users will be able to find easy ways to solve math problems in both Hindi and English with this new feature. Users can get the solution of a mathematics problem simply by uploading a photo of the problem. The Lens will then show the detailed step-wise solution of the uploaded problem.

These features will gradually roll-out for the users over the next few weeks starting today. Which one is your favorite feature from the list? Do let us know in the comments below.

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