Grab OnePlus 6T a Day Ahead of Sale Along With Free Type C Earphones, Rs.1,500 Worth GV; Here’s How

OnePlus is offering free Bullets Type-C earphones and INR 1,500 gift voucher for the buyers who pre-book the OnePlus 6T and unbox it at the event on November 1 in Mumbai. Check out all the details.


OnePlus 6T’s launch event is around the corner and the company is not leaving any stone unturned to create enough buzz around it. OnePlus fans have been excitedly waiting for the new device to arrive this month. For the fans who want to get their hands on the flagship before other in India, the company has come up with a new offer that not only gives them access to the phone a day ahead of others but also provides them with goodies. We have listed all the details about it below. Keep reading!

OnePlus 6T Ahead Of Sale With Type-C Bullet Earphones and INR 1,500 Worth of Gift Voucher

OnePlus took to Twitter to reveal a special offer for the OnePlus fans. It is offering the fans to get the OnePlus 6T a day ahead of others, and it has also thrown in Bullets Type-C earphones as part of the package, free of cost. Additionally, the offer also includes a gift voucher worth INR 1,500 that is redeemable on For those who don’t know, Amazon is the official online retailer for the OnePlus 6T.

For those who get the phone a day ahead, will also get a chance to be part of the world record that the company is eying. OnePlus is aiming at creating the world record for the highest number of people unboxing the phone simultaneously. As a part of the record-creating event, buyers who book the OnePlus 6T will be able to pick it up a day ahead of the official launch. This offer is only valid for the ones who live in Mumbai or can travel to Mumbai to be a part of the event. OnePlus is hosting it at Richardson and Cruddas, Byculla, Mumbai.

How To Get It All?

To be a part of the madness, you will have to be an Amazon Prime member. If you have a Prime account, then you need to download the Amazon Prime Now app from the Play Store or App Store and sign up. After successfully installing the app, you will have to head to and register for the event. Make sure you enter the same phone and email address as recorded in your Amazon Prime account. Once you register, you will be able to buy the phone on October 31, 2018, on the Amazon Prime Now app. On the checkout page, you will have to enter your delivery location as Richardson and Cruddas, Byculla with the pin code provided to you by Remember, you can only order if you enter this location.

After completing all the pre-requistes, You will be able to collect the device at Richardson and Cruddas in Mumbai on November 1, 2018, and then participate it in the unboxing event. The entry for the event will begin at 6:30 PM. If you are not a resident of Mumbai but want to be a part of the event then make sure you plan your travel accordingly.

Is the OnePlus 6T Worth An Upgrade?

The OnePlus 6T is not entirely an upgrade over the OnePlus 6, but it does brings some new features and changes to the design. Firstly, the phone features a teardrop notch giving a new outlook to the phone. Then you get an in-display fingerprint scanner instead of a traditional one that we had on the OnePlus 6. One of the changes that some fans may not like is the removal of 3.5mm audio jack.

If you are a OnePlus fan and are super excited for the OnePlus 6T then you should keep these pointers in mind before making the decision. For the rest of the details, we have got your back as always. You can count on us to get every information about the OnePlus 6T once it is out for the world.

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