GTA 5 Graphics Gets a Photorealistic Boost By Intel Using AI: Here’s a Side By Side Comparison

Intel Lab, a research wing of Intel Corporation, created this new tool for enhancing the graphics.

The Grand Theft Auto Five, also known as GTA 5, is one of the most popular games among gaming enthusiasts. The popularity of the game can be estimated by the fact that it sold over 140 million copies by 2020. Recently Intel Lab, a research wing of Intel Corporation, created a new tool for enhancing graphics, and the company decided to use Grand Theft Auto 5 for the demo purpose. The process of enhancing images uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to convert standard footage from the game into a photorealistic image. Intel published the video with the title Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement on its youtube channel Intel ISL.

Intel Labs says that the results are geometrically and semantically consistent. The research wing also posted a gameplay video with side by side comparison between the regular gameplay, and gameplay with enhancement. Let us take a look at the video,

The model was trained using the GTA 5 Cityscape dataset, which contains images of the german city. The AI algorithm increases the glossiness of car paint, and greens the sundried hills in the gameplay. It does so by passing a rendered image of gameplay through an Image Enhancement Network to produce an enhanced image. Then the set of rendering buffers are extracted produced by the game engine. These buffers contain geometric, and material information such as surface temperature, distance to the camera, and glossiness. This algorithm uses the convolution of neural networks that produce images frame by frame and can be run at interactive rates.

The team explains the procedure in detail in the video, but it would require an understanding of some technical terms. Anyone, familiar with these terms can also go through the research paper published by the team. For the gamers, it’s an interesting development, as the enhanced graphics would certainly make the gameplay more enjoyable, and realistic. Do you play Grand Theft Auto V? Do let us know in the comments below.

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