GTA 6 Single Player Story Missions Are Not Going Anywhere, Rockstar Developers Confirm

GTA 6 developers have confirmed that the studio will not ditch the single-player story missions.


GTA 6 is one of the most awaited game titles from the Rockstar Games as the last sequel was launched almost eight years back in 2013. We have already witnessed numerous rumours and leaks about the upcoming game. Earlier this week the map of the game was also leaked by a Reddit user. Rumours were also claiming that the game developers are planning to ditch the single-player from the GTA 6. However, in the latest development, the developers of the game have confirmed to GQ Magazine that the studio will not ditch the feature and will remain constant in the game.

GTA 6 Single-Player Story Mode Confirmed

“I think you can see that with Online and I think in the future we are going to inject more of that element of a player there,” GQ Magazine quoted Scott Butchard, the developer at Rockstar.

Another developer Tarek Hamad from Rockstar studio was asked the same question, whether the company is going to continue the story mode in the next Grand Theft Auto. In response to the question, Hamad replied “absolutely”.

After a long wait, the game developer has confirmed something about the upcoming GTA title. With this piece of information, gaming enthusiasts can be able to sleep peacefully. Last week the game studio reported that the company is looking for game testers, which was expected to start testing the upcoming title.

GTA 6 Vice City

Earlier this week, a new map of the GTA 6 was spotted on Reddit by an anonymous user. The new map looks interesting and back to the previously leaked map. The latest leak comes with a blue-tinted background with some development. However, the Reddit users were not very happy with the map.

According to them, the GTA 6 map has a lot of water on it and some suggest that the developers might be adding some islands to the game for some exclusive missions. However, we still don’t have any clear picture and it would be interesting to see when Rockstar Games is going to launch the game.

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