This GTA Mod Stitches the Maps of San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III Into One Huge Playground: Here’s How to Download

The GTA mod of maps is made super thoughtfully, and includes two other Rockstar spin-off series maps to create one sprawling open world.


A GTA mod is a matter of largely excitement among gamers, since mods and open world tweaking have been at the core of the series’ enduring popularity. Now, keeping in line with the history of mods, a new GTA mod has done all fans of the series a favour – by combining the three iconic worlds of GTA together – San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City. The combination, along with two other additional maps, has created what is a sprawling, unified GTA Underworld map that brings together the most loved GTA worlds without taking a player away from one.

The GTA mod of maps also brings together maps from Manhunter 1 and 2, and Bully – other Rockstar titles, to stitch together the three great GTA cities. After all these years, GTA 1, 2 and 3 still continue to enjoy enduring popularity and a place in the world’s gaming pop culture history. Introduced at the start, the GTA San Andreas map was based on the iconic city of San Francisco. The other two GTA cities were based on Miami (for Vice City) and New York (for Liberty City), respectively. The iconic maps have offered some of the best open world gameplay known to gamers till date, and even enjoys popularity at a time after the latest GTA 5 crossed 150 million sales benchmark, recently.

GTA mod for maps: How to download

Creating such maps and additions has been one of the biggest contributions of the GTA mod community. The self-thriving mod community provides support, map additions, refinements and stability to mods created for specific GTA games, giving you the famed flexibility of any GTA game. This GTA mod in question can be accessed from the Moddb website, by a modder who goes by the name dkluin. After downloading the GTA mod map, users are required to follow the on-screen instructions to apply them to a preinstalled game. Please note that the GTA mod map will only work on GTA: San Andreas, which is the base game for it, and the first game in the GTA series.

While the GTA mod community continues to come up with wonderful surprises such as this, the gaming world is also pushing Rockstar for answers on when can we expect to see GTA 6 in action. However, no word has come out on it yet in terms of concrete information, and it is expected to be launched some time in the end of 2021.