The GTA Remastered Trilogy May Remove a Few Contentious Content From the Games

Expect the trilogy to look a tiny bit different than how you remember.


GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, after months of speculation and leaks, was finally confirmed by Rockstar Games and naturally, fans were ecstatic. One of the many joys of a remaster is the opportunity to revisit and experience the nostalgia of the older games but in a far more modern way, with better visuals and hopefully controls.

The opportunity for the developers to enhance the experience is one thing, but there is also the opportunity to perhaps remove and alter content that hasn’t aged all that well. Every GTA game has been pretty much a product of their times, and naturally, sensibilities and standards of correctness today are bound to affect the overall reception of the games now. In light of that, it looks like Rockstar have altered at least one aspect of the older games, and perhaps more will follow soon enough.

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GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition will apparently alter certain content from the game

Phil Cassidy’s shirt has been altered to remove the confederate flag – in a trilogy that laughs in the face of political correctness, what else have they altered to please a modern audience? Radio ads/discussions? Character dialogue ? Objectives? from GTA

The news broke out on Reddit that the new remasters have apparently altered the appearance of a major characters who appears in GTA Vice City (and briefly in Grand Theft Auto III). The character, in the older games, sported a T-shirt with the Confederate Flag, and Rockstar have seemingly swapped it out with a less-offensive t-shirt.

Fans were able to spot the change in the gameplay trailer released by Rockstar Games, and fan opinion seems to be divided at the moment. While it is completely within Rockstar’s rights to remove and alter content that they deem inappropriate, certain groups within the fanbase argue that this opens up the door for the publisher/studio to remove other major elements of the game.

GTA The Trilogy
The trilogy comes out on November 11, 2021.

So far, this seems to be the only change that fans have noticed, but it seems a pretty innocuous move from Rockstar as it doesn’t inherently change the core of the experience. As more is revealed about the games, it will be interesting to see what other changes Rockstar might have in store for GTA fans.