Hathway Launches New Rs 649 Broadband Plan to Offer 125 Mbps Speed without Any Fair Usage Policy

Hathway is offering a new INR 649 wired broadband plan that has respectable download speeds, and an attractive price. We bring all the details.


Hathway, one of the popular and better known wired broadband and Internet Service Providers (ISP), is offering an aggressively priced high-speed Broadband Plan. The company is offering speeds in excess of 100Mbps for a very attractive monthly charge. The tariffs drop even further if the subscribers choose to buy a six-monthly or annual plan. If that’s not enticing enough, Hathway has even dropped the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) restrictions for the plan.

Cable broadband and high-speed wired ISP Hathway has introduced a new INR 649 Broadband Plan. The plan offers subscribers download speeds of 125Mbps. Moreover, the company has done away with the FUP limitations for this plan. Needless to mention, the INR 649 Broadband Plan is now one of the most attractive and budget high-speed broadband internet plans. Incidentally, the ISP had recently launched an equally attractive and aggressively priced broadband plan. Let’s look at the important aspects of the new INR 649 Broadband Plan from Hathway, including the tariffs, costs, validity, etc.

Hathway INR 649 Broadband Plan Price, Availability

Hathway recently revised its entire pricing structure and tariff plans for the Hyderabad City. The urban region is densely populated by active internet users. Hence, the city also has several ISPs offering attractive high-speed broadband and data plans to the populace who consume a lot of data.

Hathway recently introduced the INR 349 Broadband Plan. Subscribers opting for this plan are granted a speed of 50Mbps. In addition to the INR 349 Plan, the company introduced several other attractive plans ranging from Rs 399 to Rs 699. Surprisingly, none of these plans have any kind of FUP restrictions.

The new Broadband Plan from Hathway costs INR 649 per month. Subscribers availing this plan are entitled to a surprisingly high 125Mbps download speeds, with equally respectable upload speeds. Even this high-speed plan doesn’t have an FUP.

Besides the option of paying monthly, the INR 649 Broadband Plan costs INR 3,594 for six months, and INR 6,599 for 12 months. Needless to mention, subscribers who opt for the long-duration option pay a little less. Incidentally, all these plans are valid only for the Hyderabad City. The company hasn’t launched such attractive plans in other regions.

Hathway Has 300Mbps Broadband Plans But Still No 1Gbps

Hathway hasn’t yet launched any broadband plans that offer 300Mbps or higher, in the city. Still, several in the know, claim the ISP will launch such high-speed plans in the Hyderabad City soon.

Hathway had launched the 300Mbps Broadband Plan earlier this year. The company calls it ‘Hathway Mesh’. The company first introduced the plan in Chennai city, and could extend the same to Hyderabad and Bengaluru starting next month.

Even though 300Mbps sounds a lot, several wired broadband subscribers are attracted towards the 1Gbps plans that only ACT Fibernet and Spectra are providing. Interestingly, the latter two appear to be competing against the Jio GigaFiber that is yet to launch its commercial operations. However, Hathway may have taken a different approach by offering attractively priced broadband plans that offer decent download speeds. Perhaps its acquisition by Reliance Industries Limited could have something to do with the approach.