HomePod Revamped with New Features and more Languages for Siri

Because of the latest update by Apple, Siri can now assist a HomePod owner in searching music by its lyrics, set more than one-timers, and receive and make calls, besides more.


Apple’s ingenious wireless speaker, HomePod offers its listeners a perfect audio experience at a retail cost of $349. With Apple recently adding more to the device, the HomePod user can now use the wireless speaker for not only making but receiving calls too, set multiple timers, and search a song by its lyrics.

New Jobs for Siri on HomePod

Because of the latest update by Apple, Siri can now assist a HomePod owner in searching music by its lyrics, set more than one-timers, and receive and make calls, besides more. Irrespective of its placement in the home, the wireless speakers by Apple deliver audio quality with the highest-fidelity and the provided stereo sound is unbelievably unmatched.

Leaving behind the traditional stereo systems, the HomePod stereo pair offers its listener a broader, more captivating soundstage. Along with Apple Music, the subscriber can stream a vast collection of more than 50 million songs that are part of the app, directly on HomePod.

New Languages

After a no-cost software update, HomePod will become enabled in Spanish in Mexico, US, and Spain. Besides which the Canadian nationals support in Canadian French. HomePod is compatible with 6th generation iOS devices and iPhone5.

Besides adapting languages, listeners can also ask Siri to play a song about whom the user has no concrete information. With a simple voice command, the user can now set several timers to assist him in various tasks like for cooking food or dimming the lights. HomePod can also be used to make and receive calls using Siri’s assistance. Incoming calls can be directed to answer on HomePod instead of the iPhone using the audio picker option. Siri can now guide the user in telling him which call he missed.

Apple’s Smart Watch’s smart feature of finding a nearby connected iOS device by simply pinging it comes home to roost at HomePod. The innovative speakers from Apple now get to choose from a host of apps under Siri SHortcuts. The user can very easily customize his shortcuts by using simple personalized commands for Siri.

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The New Benchmark in Audio Quality

HomePod carries within itself an advanced software that when coupled with Apple’s patented audio technology delivers a whole new audio quality standard for home speakers. Clean, deep bass resonating from the company designed woofers and septenary beamforming tweeters provide the listener with unadulterated high-frequency sound.

The latest speaker from Apple is able to deliver the music as it is meant to be heard with its richness and originality intact. This comes because of unbelievable directional control together with powerful technology being an inherent part of the HomePod wireless speakers.

Multiplayer Audio Experience

When two HomePods become a stereo pair, their combined acoustics remain unmatched, delivering high-fidelity audio along with an expansive soundstage. Employing dimensional awareness, the HomePod senses the placement of the other half of the pair and adjusts its auditory receptors automatically to conveying a flawless coherent sound to the listener.

In tandem with AirPlay 2, HomePod can now be used to create a multi-room wireless audio system. In essence, music can now be controlled from one room while it plays in another, move the play from one device to another, or use Apple TV, an iOS gadget, and HomePod to play the same song altogether. Siri can be asked to do the same, connect the devices and play the songs as desired.

Security and Privacy

A user’s safety and security is the number one priority of the company and are part of the fundamental designs of the iOS supported gadgets. Information from HomePod will only reach Apple servers once ‘Hey Siri’ is identified by an anonymous encrypted Siri identifier.

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