Honor Magic 2 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Oppo Find X: Price in India, Features, Specifications

The Honor Magic 2 is just a few hours away from its official launch and will be powered by the Kirin 980 SoC. Check out the comparison in terms of its hardware, specifications and performance against the OPPO Find X and Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 smartphones.


Smartphone manufacturers these days are pulling out all the stops in order to move towards a true bezel-less design. Perhaps, this is what has pushed three different smartphone companies to manufacture devices all bearing one striking and undeniable similarity, sliding mechanism which hides the front-facing cameras and other sensors behind the display. The OPPO Find X is the very first smartphone to feature this sliding mechanism. Well, it wasn’t much later that Xiaomi decided to implement the same in its recently launched Mi MIX 3. The trend is clearly spreading like wildfire as now Honor as well, has jumped on the bandwagon and has implemented it on its new release, the Honor Magic 2. The Honor Magic 2 will feature the brand-new Kirin 980 SoC and has been officially launched today.

Honor Magic 2 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Oppo Find X Display And Build Quality

Believe it or not, all three smartphone designs are extremely similar. They even bear similar display sizes and the exact same screen resolution. Since the Honor Magic 2 is still a few hours from its official launch, all we can do is go by its leaked features and specifications. The OPPO Find X has the largest screen of the three with a size of 6.42-inches. Both the Honor Magic 2 and Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 have the exact same screen size of 6.39-inches, which isn’t much smaller the one found on the Find X. In terms of screen resolution, all three phones have 2340 x 1080 pixels.

The OPPO Find X has a glass back which gives the smartphone a premium feel but at the same time makes it quite slippery. The Mi MIX 3 doesn’t make use of a glass back but instead uses what Xiaomi claims to be an aluminium-magnesium alloy frame. In spite of this, the Mi MIX 3 feels a little plasticky and lacks the durable build quality that any user would crave for. Leaks of the Honor Magic 2 reveal that its back panel is certainly not made of glass. Perhaps, once the device officially releases we would be able to confirm the durability of its build quality.

Honor Magic 2 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Oppo Find X Hardware and Performance

The OPPO Find X and the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 smartphones are powered by the Snapdragon 845 SoC. This is where the main difference lies. The Honor Magic 2 will be powered by Huawei’s in-house chipset; the Kirin 980. The Kirin 980 SoC will only be featured in Huawei and Honor phones and bring with it quite a number of significant improvements over the Kirin 970 SoC.

The OPPO Find X is only available in an 8GB RAM variant with either 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. However, the Mi MIX 3 is definitely worth considering; it will even be available in a 10GB RAM a variant. The Mi MIX 3 is available in 6GB/8GB/10GB RAM with either 128GB/256GB of internal storage. The Honor Magic 2 is likely to be sold in two memory and storage variants of either 6GB/8GB RAM with 128GB/256GB of internal storage.

In terms of CPU horsepower, all are likely to perform considerable well. However, considering the fact that the Kirin 980 SoC has been released after the Snapdragon 845, we could expect it to outperform the Snapdragon 845.

Honor Magic 2 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Oppo Find X Android Version And Software

While all devices are equally competitive in terms of their hardware, perhaps, software optimizations may set them apart. The OPPO Find X is still yet to receive Android Pie and runs on ColorOS 5.1, based on Android Oreo 8.1. Whereas, both the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 and the Honor Magic 2 run on Android Pie 9.0. However, both companies have slapped their own skins on to the Android version. For instance, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 runs on MIUI 10 while the Honor Magic 2 has EMUI 9.0. The major differences between the devices are that the Find X has an older version of Android. Unfortunately, neither of the devices are based on stock Android and it’s safe to say that the user experience will ultimately boil down to individual tastes and preferences for software.

Honor Magic 2 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Oppo Find X Camera Performance

All three devices feature the same sliding mechanism which hides the front-facing camera behind the display. The main difference is that while the OPPO Find X’s mechanism is a motorized one, the mechanism implemented on the Mi MIX 3 and Honor Magic 2 is not. The Oppo Find X is equipped with a dual-rear camera setup of 16MP + 20MP and a front-facing selfie shooter of 25MP.

The Xiaomi MI MIX 3 features a dual-rear 12MP cameras with dual front-facing camera sensors of 24MP + 2MP. If you thought dual front-facing cameras were good, wait till you hear what Honor has up its sleeve with its Honor Magic 2. The Honor Magic 2 is supposed to feature a triple camera feature with 16MP + 16MP + 24MP and a dual front-facing camera setup of 16MP + 2MP. In terms of camera performance, the Honor Magic 2 is definitely shaping up to be quite a competitor. Well, this really isn’t really too much of a surprise considering the Huawei Mate 20 Pro now holds the first rank on DXOMark’s list.

Honor Magic 2 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Oppo Find X Battery Capacity

The OPPO Find X is available in a standard model as well as a super flash edition. The standard model is equipped with a 3730mAh battery but only supports VOOC Flash Charging. However, the super flash model is juiced by a smaller 3400mAh battery but supports SuperVOOC Flash Charge. Either way, there’s a trade-off between battery capacity and charging speed. The Mi MIX 3 has a 3200mAh battery and supports Quick Charge 4.0+. The battery of the Honor Magic 2 is still left to speculation, at least, until its official launch.

Honor Magic 2 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Oppo Find X Wrapping Things Up

In all honesty, all three are worth considering. Unfortunately, none of them will shine in all aspects. The OPPO Find X has a robust build with extremely fast charging, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 has a 10GB variant and the Honor Magic 2 will be launched with three front cameras. At the end of the day, it boils down two main factors. The first factor is definitely price-to-performance ratio and the other one is maybe even more important; that is the preference of the buyer.