Snapchat Account Locked? Here’s How to Unlock Snapchat Using Different Methods


Snapchat account locked? The popular social media app from Snap Inc. might lock your Snapchat account if it has detected some activity from your account that violates the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines set by the company. There are two types of locks that Snapchat does for its users. One is called a temporary lock and the other is a permanent lock. If you fall under the former case, the good news is that you can unlock your Snapchat account. However, if your account is permanently locked, Snapchat won’t unlock it. 

In this guide, we will take a look at how one can unlock the temporarily locked Snapchat account. We will give you step-by-step details of unlocking in two methods. Further, we will also let you know why and for what reasons Snapchat might lock your Snapchat account. Let’s get started. 

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How to Unlock Snapchat Account Using Unlock Webpage

  1. Visit the Snapchat account unlock webpage if your account was temporarily locked
  2. Enter your username/email and password, then select login
  3. Read the message shown on the screen carefully and select the “Unlock” option (make sure to uninstall 3rd party apps/plugins before proceeding here)
  4. Your account will be unlocked
  5. Next, verify your email address with Snapchat once you have logged in to make sure your account is not deactivated for adding too many friends. 

This method works only If the amount of time that passed is sufficient to unlock. In that case, you will see a message that confirms your account is now unlocked. If it hasn’t been enough time, you can try after a few hours. 

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How to Unlock Snapchat Account With The Help of Snapchat Support 

In case the first method does not work, you can contact Snapchat Support and get the issue resolved. Here is how you can do so. 

  1. Visit the Snapchat support webpage
  2. Select “I can’t access my account” option under Contact us
  3. Then, select “I think my account was hacked” under  “Oh no! Tell us more”
  4. Now, enter your username, email, and mobile number in the form
  5. In the text box under “What information should we know?” type a polite email message requesting reinstatement of your account. Write clearly that your account might have been hacked by someone else and that could have caused the issue. Make sure to express why the account was locked.
  6. Enter the captcha and click on Send
  7. If the support team is convinced, your account will be unlocked

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Reasons why your account might have been locked

Third-party or unauthorized apps

This is one of the most common reasons for users to get locked. Make sure you are not using any third-party apps, plugins or tweaks for Snapchat. If your account has been temporarily locked, uninstall them before trying to unlock it or it might be permanently locked. Regular use of third-party applications or tweaks, sending spam or other abusive behaviour can lead to your account being permanently locked. 

Spamming, Abuse, and Suspicious Activities

Like every other online platform and social media, Snapchat is strict with its spam and abuse policy. On Snapchat, avoid sending spam or other behaviour that goes against Community Guidelines. Snapchat will send a message like “We’ve detected suspicious activity on your account”  if you’ve sent a lot of friend requests to multiple Snapchatters in a short time.

Unusual login attempt or unknown location

In case you have logged in from an unknown location or banned a device which violates Snap’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. Snapchatters who have had their account terminated are also prohibited from creating new accounts as well. So, make sure you are using the proper device and proper location to log in. 

Beware of Unlocking Accounts Scam

As said before, you can only unlock it if your account is temporarily locked. You can’t unlock your account if it has been permanently locked. But, there are scammers on the web who will promote fake unlocking services for Snapchat accounts, often claiming that they are hackers or Snapchat employees who can unlock your account in exchange for money, or even for free. Make sure you stay away from these scams as these are not legit and Snapchat employees or hackers cannot unlock your account for you if you have been locked. The best case for you is to support the customer as mentioned in the above steps. 

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How to prevent being locked on Snapchat?

Make sure you are in line with Snapchat’s terms and conditions and don’t install any third-party apps or plugins, and other details mentioned above. 

My account is permanently locked, can I unlock it?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Snapchat says there is no way to unlock your account if it has been permanently locked. However, the best thing you can do in this case is to contact support.