How To Use Save As Shortcut Key In Microsoft Excel?


Excel is a fantastic tool to help people insert, process, analyze, and visualize data. Used by billions around the globe, it’s a leading spreadsheet software for the industry. Many business leaders use this, it helps them to make practical decisions by having a deep look into their business. One of the major functions is to save the sheet. So in this piece, we are providing you with the ways how to use the “Save As” shortcut key in Excel.

What is the Excel shortcut “Save As”?

The Excel shortcut “Save As” feature will let you save your worksheet with the respective name. With the use of a particular combination of keyboard keys, you can use this.

It’s a quick and easy way to save a file, letting you avoid the traditional saving process via the File tab.

How to Use the “Save As” Shortcut in Excel?

Note: Make sure that your Excel sheet doesn’t need anything to be undone.

  1. Open the Excel app
  2. Press “F12” on the keyboard
  3. A “Save As” dialogue box will appear, asking you a file name, type, and destination where you wish to save
  4. Choose a new name and other things accordingly
  5. Tap Save, and you’re done.

Important things to note

  • Save with a different file name – Whenever you are saving a file, make sure to save it with a different name. This will make sure to avoid the replacement of an already existing file with the same name in the memory.
  • File type – While saving, make sure to check the file type with the “.xls” Excel extension.

Benefits of “Save As” shortcut keys

  • Saves time – With the shortcut key, you can save files much faster. Hence, it saves time.
  • Easy way – It is also an easy way to adapt. You don’t have to navigate toward the File tab.
  • Provides the same dialogue box – Even while using the shortcut keys, the same dialogue box appears as in the file tab.

When to Use the “Save As” shortcut in Excel?

Usually, when you are in a hurry. It’s the best time to use the “Save As” shortcut key in Excel.

What is the “Save As” function in Excel?

Imagine a scenario where a teammate created an Excel sheet and shared it with the other teammates. Now, others have altered the sheet and saved it immediately. This will be a problem for the initial creator to have access to the primary sheet (prior alteration). If the teammates would have saved it with the option of “Save As,” there won’t be much worry.

The “Save As” function allows the user to save the file with a new name, type, and location.


So this was all regarding how to use the “Save As” shortcut key in Excel. If you find it useful, do let us know in the comment section below.