HP Spectre Folio: Ultra-Slim Two-In-Laptop Convertible In Premium Leather And Metal Body

The HP Spectre Folio is the latest line of ultra-slim premium laptop convertible with high-end specifications. The devices are clad in real leather and built with lightweight metal construction.


HP has launched a special parallel revision of the highly popular Spectre laptops. The latest two-in-one laptop convertible seamlessly assimilates the functionalities of a powerful mobile computing device with the versatility and style of a premium tablet. The high-end specifications and top-end hardware is wrapped in real leather and metal cladding that allows the Spectre Folio to introduce a new line of sleek design.

HP Spectre laptops have always been a style statement. These ultra-premium laptops have managed to carve a niche for themselves. Now HP has managed to come with a rather stunning match of real leather, lightweight metal housing, powerful specifications, and sleek design that effortlessly contorts to serve many purposes. Surprisingly, the Spectre Folio isn’t just a traditional two-in-one sleek laptop that folds into a tablet whenever needed. It comes with the versatility of a detachable keyboard cover that also offers positions that go beyond the “tent” mode.

HP Spectre Folio: Specifications

Essentially, the Spectre Folio is a novel attempt at offering ultra-slim premium laptops. These mobile computing devices are certainly not aimed at mass markets. The laptops do come with a keyboard. But it does a lot more. In essence, the new line attempts to blur the line between the tablet, laptop and a convertible two-in-one device.

The Spectre Folio packs either a Full HD+ display or even a 4K screen. Although the resolution differs, the display supports inking. The device will also come with a stylus. A choice of powerful 8th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 Y-series processors will power the laptops. They will embed up to 8GB of RAM and up to 2TB of presumably fast SSD storage.

HP hasn’t divulged battery specifications. However, the company promises about 18 hours runtime on a single charge. Despite the super slim profile, the Spectre Folio contains two Thunderbolt 3 ports and one USB Type-C port. Surprisingly, all these ports support charging, which means buyers can simply slide in the charging cable in any of the ports. The Spectre Folio line also sports built-in LTE chip for high speed mobile internet.

HP Spectre Folio: Features

The HP Spectre Folio may look like a convertible that’s clad in leather. Incidentally, HP officially classifies the new line as convertible. But it is much more than a HP two-in-one laptop. Surprisingly, the leather cladding is non-removable. The upper leather cladding adheres to the magnesium and aluminum hard chassis. However, the fusion between metal and leather is under the surface.

Although classified as a traditional convertible, the HP Spectre Folio can be twisted into positions that only tablets with detachable keyboard covers could manage. In addition to the traditional laptop mode, the display can slide down into tablet mode as well. But instead of the common tent mode, the screen of the Spectre Folio can sit at a slight incline in a slot in front of the keyboard. Needless to mention, this angle is ideal for multimedia consumption as well as the occasional tap or slide.

HP Spectre Folio: Price, Availability

The HP Spectre line of devices has always been marketed as premium, luxury, no-compromise mobile computing devices. The Spectre Folio extends the same into an even upper and slightly rarer category.

The HP Spectre Folio in cognac brown leather with a Core i5 processor is available for preorder. It starts at $1,299 or Rs. 93,000 approximately in India. The Core i7 model with built-in LTE starts at $1,499 (Rs. 1,08,000 approx.). The HP Spectre Folio sporting Bordeaux burgundy leather could launch in December. HP has launched the Spectre line of devices in India, and we expect the Spectre Folio lineup could arrive in India soon.