HTC to Launch New Smartphones in India on August 14 Via Flipkart, Revamped Wildfire Series Expected


It’s been just over a year since Taiwanese smartphone major HTC decided to exit the India market. The company was once a premium brand in India with a dedicated bunch of fanboys. Over the past few years, however, HTC made several wrong choices with its product portfolio and pricing. If that wasn’t all, competition in the Indian smartphone space became intense with the likes of Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, and Huawei concentrating on the Indian market with their aggressively priced, value for money offerings. The result? HTC fell out of favor from the minds of the Indian consumer as they increasingly opted for cheaper, and often better-specced Chinese alternatives. Things reached a point where the higher-ups at HTC decided to pull out of the Indian smartphones market last year. The company, however, maintained a small presence in the country and the so-called exit wasn’t really a complete withdrawal. Anyway, the news is that HTC is on its way back to India. As per reports, HTC will try to reimagine itself as an on-line only brand in the country, quite similar to what OPPO-owned Realme has managed to do. The company, in fact, has tied up with Flipkart and is about to launch a new smartphone in India on August 14, 2019. As per initial reports, the company is likely to officially launch the HTC Wildfire range of budget handsets in India. The last smartphone launch by the company in India was the HTC U11+ which was launched back in February 2018.

HTC Teaser appears on Flipkart

HTC’s comeback to India will be via e-commerce platform Flipkart. In fact, Flipkart already has a teaser for the new product(s) that HTC will announce on August 28. The teaser talks about the comeback of the brand to India and also has a poster that talks about HTC’s past innovations including the fact that they were the first manufacturer to introduce the first touch-centric phone in the world and that they were the first-ever manufacturer to make an Android-powered smartphone. HTC also wants us to remember that they were the first to come up with a metal body smartphone in and to feature OIS on both the front and rear cameras. A video talking about these achievements is also embedded below.

HTC Wildfire Series: What we know so far

If you know your smartphone history well, you are probably aware of the fact that the name HTC Wildfire refers to the original Android-powered handset that HTC launched back in 2010. The company, it seems, is in a bid to use nostalgia to attract users by relaunching an entirely new series of HTC Wildfire devices this year. Back in July, we had reports coming in about HTC working on as many as four new Android handsets that will be launched under the HTC Wildfire brand name. This is apart from a single, mid-range to premium device that would be simply known as the HTC Wildfire. As of now, we do not know which of these devices HTC plans to launch in India. Previous leaks have indicated that the 2019 HTC Wildfire lineup will include the HTC Wildfire, the HTC Wildfire E, Wildfire E Plus and the Wildfire E1.