Huawei Starts Closed Beta Testing of EMUI 9 Update Based on Android 9 Pie on Honor 8X and Nova 3i

Honor is sending out the EMUI 9 update to the Honor 8X as well as the Nova 3i. The devices should immensely benefit from the latest EMUI update that's based on Android 9 Pie.


Huawei has begun testing the latest EMUI 9 update which is based on Google’s latest Android 9 Pie smartphone operating system. Incidentally, quite a few Huawei and Honor smartphones already run the latest EMUI 9. The Chinese smartphone giant is now keen on deploying the latest EMUI update to its budget or mid-range Android smartphones including Honor 8X and Nova 3i.

Late last month, Honor announced the Honor 8X would soon start receiving an update that will deploy the Android Pie based EMUI 9.0. True to its word, the company has begun sending out the update. Moreover, the Huawei’s majorly online sub-brand even included the Nova 3i. However, the EMUI 9 update is not for all the Honor smartphones. The update is part of the Beta Testing Program. Moreover, the testing program is a ‘Closed’ one.

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Honor Sends Out EMUI 9 Update In Closed Beta Testing

Honor has started to send out the EMUI 9 update to an increasingly larger group of its smartphones. This is certainly great for Honor smartphone users. However, this does not mean all the Honor Android handsets users will soon get the latest EMUI 9 update.

The EMUI 9 update based on Android 9 Pie is part of the Beta Testing Program. Moreover, the program is a ‘Close’ one. In other words, not all eligible Honor smartphone users can choose to install the EMUI 9 update. Additionally, interested testers cannot even sign up to be a part of the beta testing program. Being a closed program, Honor will send out the update to a few smartphone users that the brand chooses. These users will test the beta release of EMUI 9.0, and report on any bugs or glitches.

Once Honor has fixed the bugs to a large extent, it could launch the latest EMUI 9.0 OS for further evaluation in an Open Beta Testing Program for finalization. Needless to mention, this procedure is lengthier but offers far more reliable results. Still, Honor 8X and Nova 3i smartphone users simply cannot expect a stable release of EMUI 9 update based on Android 9 Pie soon. We optimistically expect Honor may finalize a stable release of the EMUI 9 update before the current year is over.

EMUI 9.0 Key Features, Benefits

Huawei insists that EMUI is inspired by nature, and hence, designed with natural minimalist design, built-in natural sound effects and scene illustrations. Also, Huawei has reportedly designed the custom OS to be simple but also extremely easy to understand and use. Huawei has optimized the EMUI 9.0 to boost fluency.

The EMUI 9.0 custom layer continually learns by understanding user behavioral patterns in three major areas: screen taps, application launches, and browsing the OS ecosystem in general. The update reportedly improves the response time by 25.8 percent. Additionally, during normal operation, the EMUI 9.0 reportedly improves access by 12.9 percent.

The EMUI 9.0 update brings with it the much acclaimed second generation of GPU Turbo. Although Huawei has been rather quiet about the GPU Turbo 2.0, the new development significantly improves upon the first generation.

Huawei assures the EMUI 9 update is “more pure and secure.” Moreover, Huawei claims it has worked hard to boost user privacy. Apparently, with the latest update, the company now allows much finer control of individual apps.

Along the lines of Google’s Wellbeing feature, Huawei has developed a rather simplistic but highly effective method to promote judicious use of smartphones. The innovative sleep timer makes the device switch between white and black colors. Huawei assures the feature effectively discourages prolonged usage. There are several other benefits of the EMUI 9. It allows users to grade apps, match them to “age brackets”, allowing the OS to intelligently create a children-friendly environment.