OPPO Find X, OPPO R17 and More Smartphones Officially Announced to Receive Hyper Boost Update

OPPO's Hyper Boost technology aims to improve the overall performance of its phones, including faster app load times, better gaming, and faster general performance. It works with 11 gaming titles for now, including Honor of Kinds and PUBG. Seventeen OPPO phones will receive the Hyper Boost update.


Years after relying on software gimmicks to attract consumers, Android smartphone brands have finally started to focus on performance optimizations. After Huawei’s GPU Turbo and Xiaomi’s AI-based performance optimizations, OPPO has now officially announced the Hyper Boost feature. It is a part of the company’s new OS update, which will begin rolling out this month, and will be released for a total of 17 OPPO devices.

The new software update will add a feature called Hyper Boost engine to these smartphones. According to OPPO, it is a “full-scenario, system-level performance boost engine” which can allocate system resources intelligently for improved performance. The devices that will get the Hyper Boost soon include the company’s flagship smartphone, the OPPO Find X (Review) and the ultra-popular OPPO R17. The Chinese brand has also released a list showing the order in which the OPPO handsets will receive this ColorOS 5.2.1 upgrade. Read on for more details.

List of OPPO Phones Which Will Receive Hyper Boost Feature Contains OPPO Find X, OPPO R17

According to the schedule released in China by OPPO, the flagship handset OPPO Find X will receive the ColorOS 5.2.1 update this month itself. In November, the upgrade will be rolled out for OPPO R11, OPPO R11 Plus, OPPO R11s, OPPO R11s Plus, OPPO A83, and OPPO A1.
In December, the OS update will reach OPPO R17, OPPO R15, Oppo R15 Plus, OPPO R9s, OPPO A5, OPPO A79, and OPPO A73. Three more OPPO devices, the OPPO A77, OPPO A3, and OPPO R9s Plus will receive the upgrade in January 2019.

colorOS 5.2.1 schedule

What Is OPPO’s Hyper Boost Technology and How Does It Work?

At a media meet in Shanghai just a couple of days ago, OPPO explained why the Hyper Boost engine is different from other similar acceleration engines by brands such as Huawei and Vivo.

The Hyper Boost engine is split into three sections: application performance, gaming performance, and system performance.OPPO claims that it has worked with both MediaTek and Qualcomm to improve application performance, and users can expect up to 31.9%  shorter app loading times. Currently, faster application performance can be seen while using Mobile QQ, Mobile Taobao, and WeChat. These are some of the most popular apps in China. The company hasn’t revealed if it will do the same for apps that are popular in Indian and western markets.

For gaming, the company claims to have worked with Cocos, Unreal, and Unity game engine developers for smoother gaming performance through Hyper Boost. The performance optimization doesn’t stop here. The company has also tweaked network side of things, splitting network traffic between cellular and Wi-Fi connections for lower latency, which is usually an issue in multiplayer games. Hyper Boost currently works with 11 gaming titles, including Honor of Kings and PlayerUnknow’s Battlegrounds, which are some of the most popular smartphone gaming titles in the world right now. This number is higher than the number of games Huawei’s GPU Turbo technology is compatible with right now.

While not all apps or games are compatible, it is up to developers to integrate the technology in games and apps, for better and more stable performance. While it is too early to comment on whether or not this technology will make it big. However, we are more than happy seeing that smartphone brands are making the effort to improve the real-life performance of their phones through better hardware and software integration and more optimization between the two.