IGI Origin New Teaser Shows Extra Gameplay Footage from Pre-Alpha Version of the Game

The new teaser of IGI Origins from Anti-Matter Games reveals more gameplay footage.


Developer Anti-Matter Games is up for celebrating the holiday season by releasing IGI Origins’ new teaser, which serves as a prequel to the Project IGI franchise. The new trailer shares some exclusive gameplay footage across various in-game levels from the pre-alpha version of the game.

Anti-Matter Games has been developing the prequel to 2000’s iconic tactical first-person shooter game, Project I.G.I, for the past few years. Initially, Toadman Interactive announced the game as a project, but Antimatter Games took over as the project’s leading developer. However, there is no confirmed release date for IGI Origins, but few sources suggest that the game will be released in 2023. Currently, the game is in a pre-alpha phase, and as a result, we can’t expect the game to be released anytime sooner despite being in production for three years.

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IGI Origins New Teaser Released by Anti-Matter Games

igi origins

Antimatter Games makes every effort to maintain the initial Project IGI game’s unique and iconic features. Antimatter Games published the first gameplay trailer for IGI Origins in September 2022, revealing some combat takedown movements and camera switches to 3rd in certain instances, which brings off the nostalgic moments of the original Project IGI gameplay. Nevertheless, the game’s gunplay has undergone considerable improvements, bringing it closer to a modern shooter feel.

It’s been about 20 years since the last entry in the I.G.I. series was released. Following the release of I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike, fans have been yearning for the return of the stealth FPS brand, and I.G.I. Origins appear to be the title that will meet their expectations. The 2-minute teaser does not show anything new; however, the new game will be great while retaining the 2000’s Project IGI gameplay experience. The developers also thanked the fans for the massive support and positive response to the gameplay footage for the title.

The latest clip includes more gameplay footage from missions during the day. Aside from showcasing the developer’s excellent work with lighting and reflections, this new teaser reveals more about the gunplay, which seems more authentic thanks to the use of Unreal Engine.

It’s worth mentioning that the teaser only shows pre-alpha footage, which means it’s not the final version and many aspects are likely to change. Also, several situations in the video with severe frame drops are due to the pre-alpha version and will not be present in the final experience.

I.G.I Origins is slated for a release on platforms like PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Developer Anti-Matter Games have not confirmed the game’s release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, it is more likely that the game will be able to run on the next-gen consoles too. Moreover, PC specifications or requirements are also yet to be announced.

Anti-Matter Games is the creator of Rising Storm: Vietnam, a popular shooter on Steam with a thriving community. Fans are already hopeful about IGI Origins, knowing that the project is in capable hands. Antimatter assured supporters in September that the development of IGI Origins was progressing at a good pace.

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