Indian Gadget Awards 2020 Winners: Best Phones, Laptops, TVs and More

Let’s celebrate the winners.


After weeks of teasers, nomination reveals, and general anticipation, the time has now come to finally reveal the winners of the inaugural Indian Gadget Awards 2020. It was a closely fought battle between the nominees in most categories and some even went down to the wire where we had to employ a tie-breaker. 30 jury members helped us vote across the 22 jury categories and over 50,000 people voted for the User’s Choice Awards.

Let’s celebrate the winners.

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Indian Gadget Awards 2020 User’s Choice

Most Popular Phone of 2020

Winner: OnePlus Nord
Runner up: Apple iPhone 12

In the User’s Choice awards, we garnered over 50,000 votes and for the Most Popular Phone of 2020, user’s picked the OnePlus Nord followed by the Apple iPhone 12. Looks like OnePlus’ marketing blitzkrieg coupled with the really good product helped the brand capture the fancy of the users. For what it is worth, the Nord did breathe a new lease of life in the Rs 20-30k price category and that’s worth applauding.

Most Loved Phone Brand of 2020

Winner: Samsung
Runner up: OnePlus

As for the Most Loved Phone Brand of 2020, the usual suspects took the top two spots. OnePlus with its refined and polished phones plus its entry into the more affordable phone market definitely helped maintain its improving brand value in India. Whereas Samsung managed to impress users with its plethora of excellent phones – ranging from the budget to flagship ones. Moreover, the excellent offers only helped further its cause. Congratulations Samsung on winning this one. Truly a well-deserved one.

Indian Gadget Awards 2020 Jury Awards: Wearables

Best Budget Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2020

Winner: Lypertek Tevi
Runner up: OPPO Enco W51

In 2020, truly wireless earphones became more affordable and the marketplace was flooded with options. And, there were some real gems in there too that made the nomination. Now, the Lypertek Tevi was definitely my favourite with its excellent sound signature and fantastic battery life. But, the OPPO Enco W51 offered a far better value by adding active noise cancellation as well. The jury was impressed by what OPPO offered and the common consensus was the Enco W51 had the rightful claim to the throne. Good job, OPPO.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2020

Winner: Sony WF-1000XM3
Runner up: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

When you move up to the premium truly wireless buds, the competition wasn’t any less intense. And, in the end the two deserving products came up on top. The jury adjudged Sony WF-1000XM3 as the runner up of this category. The WF-1000XM3 did come quite late to India but tech experts were waiting with bated breath for its launch. Thanks to its fantastic noise cancellation and hi res audio, it definitely created a stir. However, the winner in this category is none other than the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, a truly fantastic product that was expensive indeed but justified its price with the best possible audio tuning and equally competent noise cancellation chops. Sennheiser, kudos!

Best Fitness Tracker of 2020

Winner: Mi Smart Band 5
Runner up: Amazfit Bip S

In the fitness band category, the Amazfit Bip S took the runner’s up mantle. This extremely affordable budget fitness tracker looks like a smartwatch and has some interesting features up its sleeves. Amazfit’s clean software and never ending battery life is definitely a reason why the jury fancied this product. As for the winner, the Mi Smart Band 5 just continued the wonderful legacy of Mi Bands and stood tall once again. With its AMOLED display, new health and fitness features, and trademark good battery life definitely helped its cause.

Best Smartwatch of 2020

Winner: Apple Watch Series 6
Runner up: OPPO Watch

OPPO’s first attempt at making a smartwatch was a step in the right direction. The company definitely had the right idea with the OPPO Watch. It was definitely a very polished product that had a gorgeous design, an attractive AMOLED display, familiar Wear OS and more. Therefore, taking the runner’s up award. But, the winner in this category is the true king of smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 6. Now, in its sixth generation, the lead that Apple has in the smartwatch space seems insurmountable. Yes, it needs an iPhone for you to actually experience it. But, for what it is worth, looks like it might make sense to buy an iPhone just so you can experience the Apple Watch. No kidding.

Indian Gadget Awards 2020 Jury Awards: TVs

Best Value-for-Money TV of 2020

Winner: OnePlus U1
Runner up: Mi TV 4A 43-inch Horizon Edition

TVs were one of the most sought after products in 2020 since humankind was holed up within four walls. The runner up Mi TV 4A 43-inch Horizon Edition was Xiaomi just flexing its TV manufacturing muscles and creating a product that took your regular TV and made it slightly more premium. The winner, however, was the OnePlus U1. Now, this TV was OnePlus more affordable premium TV that took all that was wrong with the OnePlus Q1 and fixed it. Congrats, OnePlus.

Best TV of 2020

Winner: LG GX
Runner up: Sony X9000H

While budget TVs got all the attention last year, the premium TVs kept adding features that made them even more desirable. The runner up in this category is the extremely premium Sony X9000H TV that made the cut thanks to its fantastic LED panel, rich smarts and innovative features. But, the one that took the top prize is the LG GX. This TV is truly a gamer’s delight with its high refresh rate 4K OLED panel. Kudos LG on convincing the jury and winning the award.

Indian Gadget Awards 2020 Jury Awards: Laptops

Best Value-for-Money Laptop of 2020

Winner: Mi Notebook 14 e-learning Edition
Runner up: Lenovo Ideapad S340

Another category that got the shot in the arm that it deserved is the Laptop category. In our VFM award category, the Lenovo Ideapad S340 came up as the runner up. And, the excellent Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition emerged the winner thanks to its fantastic price-to-performance ratio. And, let’s not forget the fact that it was truly a great product for students with the kind of specs on offer and the built-in webcam.

Best Gaming Laptop of 2020

Winner: ASUS Zephyrus G14
Runner up: Lenovo Legion 7i

If you were a gamer, there were no dearth of good options for you. But the jury’s consensus was that if you wanted the perfect KO in every brawl, the Lenovo Legion 7i is the second best option for you. Whereas, the whimsical ASUS Zephyrus G14 with an LED dot matrix outer lid and crazy powerful internal specs was the best. Making it the winner of the Best Gaming Laptop of 2020 at the Indian Gadget Awards 2020.

Best Laptop of 2020

Winner: Apple MacBook Pro M1
Runner up: Dell XPS 15 9500

As for the Best Laptop of 2020 award, the Dell XPS 15 9500 was chosen as the runner up. This fantastic laptop made no compromises with design, display or power. But, the winner of this category, the Apple MacBook Pro M1, mainly because of a tectonic shift in computing power introduced by Apple with its new M1 chip. Clearly, Intel and AMD should be worried now.

Indian Gadget Awards 2020 Jury Awards: Mobile SoCs

Best Mid-range Mobile SoC of 2020

Winner: Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Runner up: Mediatek Helio G95

The Indian Gadget Awards is probably one of the first awards to judge the SoC category as well. Yes, there are fewer players in this space but the ones that exist definitely need recognition because the importance of the SoC really cannot be undermined. In the Best Mid-range Mobile SoC of 2020 category, the runner up is the wonderful Mediatek Helio G95 – a truly powerful gaming chip that went toe-to-toe with Snapdragon’s power. While the winner is none other than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. The 765G brought the flagship Kryo cores to the mix and added 5G as well for added advantage.

Best Flagship Mobile SoC of 2020

Winner: Apple A14 Bionic
Runner up: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

As for the best, most powerful flagship SoC, the runner up is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. And, well deserved one too considering it was the driving force behind all the power inside most flagships inside 2020. But, the winner is the Apple A14 Bionic, a truly powerful SoC that pushes the limits of engineering.

Indian Gadget Awards 2020 Jury Awards: Smartphones

Best Budget Phone of 2020

Winner: Poco X2
Runner up: Realme 7 Pro

Finally, we are here – the best phones of last year. Starting with the Best Budget Phone of 2020, it was a tightly fought battle. The runner up in this category is the Realme 7 Pro. A truly fantastic phone that had the best design, great camera performance, and a very good display. But, the winner is the Poco X2. This phone reintroduced the Poco brand in the market and showcased that there was still some fire left in it after the excellent F1. The X2 ushered in a new Poco that was willing to create waves in other categories apart from just budget flagships.

Best Mid-range Phone of 2020

Winner: OnePlus Nord
Runner up: Samsung Galaxy M51

Generally a sombre category, Mid-range phones saw a resurgence thanks to the marketing blitzkrieg by OnePlus for its new Nord flagship. Well, it did reap rich dividends because the jury unanimously picked the Nord as the winner in this category. Whereas, the equally wonderful Samsung Galaxy M51 with its massive battery, excellent cameras, managed to come up as the runner up.

Best Affordable Flagship Phone of 2020

Winner: OnePlus 8T
Runner up: Samsung Galaxy S20FE

In 2020, many brands clamoured to introduce their best affordable flagship phones. But, the ones that stood out were the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and the OnePlus 8T. The runner up, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, was the Korean tech giant’s attempt at appeasing the fans. The phone had all the works and the price wasn’t too high either. That said, the crown was captured by none other than the OnePlus 8T, a phone that didn’t do anything drastically different but had the right mix of components to offer a flagship-level performance with very few compromises.

Best Mid-range Camera Phone of 2020

Winner: Google Pixel 4a
Runner up: vivo V20 Pro

While multi-camera setups are the norm, the jury unanimously chose the Google Pixel 4a – with its single camera setup – as the winner. Which goes to show that the camera algorithm matters way more than anything else. But, the runner up was no slouch either. The vivo V20 Pro with its quad camera setup convinced the jury that it had what it takes to take the coveted runner up spot. And, there’s another good reason for it too…

Best Selfie Phone of 2020

Winner: vivo V20 Pro
Runner up: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

…the vivo V20 Pro with its eye autofocus technology and excellent selfie capturing prowess really nailed it with the front camera in 2020. Therefore, becoming the winner and defeating even the big boy, and the runner up in the category, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max by a good margin.

Best Camera Phone of 2020

Winner: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Runner up: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

However, Apple did end up taking the Best Camera Phone of 2020 title and deservedly too. Because it had a bigger sensor for better low light sensitivity and, of course, ProRAW was a fantastic feature too. But, the second best – the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – was another beast when it came to photography, especially thanks to its long telephoto range.

Best Gaming Phone of 2020

Winner: ASUS ROG Phone 3
Runner up: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Honestly, 2020 saw fewer gaming phones than usual but the iPhone 12 Pro Max with Apple Arcade was possibly the best gaming phone on the iOS side of things. And therefore, winning the runner up title. However, the ROG Phone 3 with its fancy gaming features like Air Triggers, over-clocked Snapdragon 865+ processor and Liquid Cooling technology definitely made a huge impact on the jury. Congratulations ASUS on winning the Best Gaming Phone of 2020 award.

Best Phone of 2020

Winner: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Runner up: Apple iPhone 12

The final award in the phone category is obviously for the Best Phone of 2020 and the top two phones are both from Apple. The iPhone 12 series has definitely captured the fancy of the jury members. The iPhone 12 as the runner up is the perfect iPhone for everyone whereas the winner – the iPhone 12 Pro Max – is the ultimate iPhone that most people desire. Hearty congratulations, Apple.

Indian Gadget Awards 2020 Jury Awards: Overall

Most Innovative Gadget of 2020

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
Runner up: LG Wing

Innovation is the key to moving technology forward and both, the LG Wing and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, the runner up and the winner respectively, pushed the boundaries. The LG Wing is the first product in LG’s new Explorer program and completely reimagines the way we should use a smartphone with its unique swiveling display. The Galaxy Z Fold 2, on the other hand, just built on top of the great idea that was showcased in the first generation Fold. You now have a sturdier design, and a wonderful outer display as well.

Best Gadget of 2020

Winner: Apple MacBook Air M1
Runner up: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

And, in the truly best gadget category, the runner up is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. While the winner is the Apple MacBook Air M1. The reason why the jury preferred the new Air, despite no changes to the design, is because of the new and powerful M1 chip. Apple just took the battle to Intel and AMD, and did a wonderful job of it. Congratulations Apple on making the most powerful MacBook Air ever and winning the award.

Best Brand of 2020

Winner: Apple
Runner up: Samsung

2020 showed the resilience of tech brands, and both Samsung and Apple made waves. Samsung did wonders to its brand value by launching some stunning flagships and equally desirable mid-range smartphones. But, Samsung also made a lot of waves with innovation in the TV, audio, and general consumer electronics space. And therefore, winning the runner’s up tag in this category. But, the Best Brand of 2020 is Apple. Apple’s India focus was undoubtedly razor-sharp. Not only did it finally open its eshop up to all Indians, but Apple made all the right headlines by launching one stunning product after another. Truly a well deserved win for Apple.


So, that wraps up our first edition of the Indian Gadget Awards 2020. Let’s hope that 2021 brings more awesome gadgets and next year’s Indian Gadget Awards can one up this year. Stay tuned.