Despite the Pandemic, Indian Smartphone Market Grew by 12% in 2021: Canalys Report

Realme recorded major growth in 2021 despite pandemic and supply issues.


The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been severely felt across the different industries of the world and the smartphone market is no different. One of the bigger issues that created a lot of buzz was the chip shortage which had led to smartphone companies canceling some of their launch events. According to a Canalys report, the smartphone market in India grew by 12% in 2021 compared to the market in 2020.

Xiaomi topped the list while Samsung and Realme came second and third respectively. The fourth position was held by Vivo while fifth place was taken by Oppo. All smartphone companies shipped a total of 162 million smartphones in India in 2021, 12% up from 144.7 million in 2020. Here’s a detailed look at the Indian smartphone market in 2021.

Top Smartphone Companies with Market Share in 2021

As per the Canalys report, Xiaomi held the crown by shipping over 40.5 million units with a market share of 25%. In 2020, Xiaomi shipped a total of 40.7 million units and had a market share of 28%. Please note that Poco is included in Xiaomi’s data.

Samsung came second by shipping a total of 30.1 million units with a market share of 19%. The previous year, the company shipped a total of 28.6 million units and had a market share of 20%.

Vivo captured third place in terms of annual growth by shipping a total of 25.7 million units in 2021 in India. The company registered a drop in terms of growth as it had shipped 26.9 million units in 2020 by capturing a market share of 19%.

Realme was the major key growth player in 2021, it recorded a total of 25% growth in India in 2021 by shipping 24.2 million units. It holds the 15% market share now, compared to the 13% recorded in 2020. The Narzo 50A and C11 were among the major models that sold aggressively.

Oppo came fifth by shipping over 20.1 million units in India in 2021 by holding a market share of 12%. It recorded a 6% growth compared to last year when it had shipped 9 million units. Please note that Oppo’s data includes OnePlus shipments.

Other key players recorded a total of 111% growth in 2021. You can look at the below creative to understand the data clearly.

Even the JioPhone Next (First impressions) which was launched in Q4 2021 gained a high momentum by selling over several million units. Similarly, the Transsion Holdings group such as Tecno and Infinix recorded good growth in 2021.

Analysts from Canalys believe that 5G will see significant growth in 2022 as the spectrum auctions will be held this year.

Sanyam Chaurasia from Canalys says, “India will see a vast digital transformation this year, 2022 will bring 5G spectrum auctions with new radio frequency ranges, and 5G will become significantly more accessible in terms of coverage and price. Smartphones capable of 5G will fall further in price amid fierce vendor rivalry, but shipments will be stifled in H1 2022 before the component shortage eases.”

Smartphone Shipments in Q4 2021 in India

Canalys also reported the smartphone shipments of Q4 2021. As per the research firm, Xiaomi holds the crown in this aspect as well in Q4 of 2021 while Samsung and Realme were among the other key players. Apart from Realme, almost every major smartphone brand recorded a drop in their growth in Q4 of 2021. Here’s a detailed table of the data.

Vendor Q4 2021 shipments (in million) Q4 2021 market share Q4 2020 shipments (in million) Q4 2020 market share Annual growth
Xiaomi 9.3 21 percent 12 27 percent -22 percent
Samsung 8.5 19 percent 9.2 21 percent -7 percent
Realme 7.6 17 percent 5.1 12 percent 49 percent
Vivo 5.6 13 percent 7.7 18 percent -27 percent
Oppo 4.9 11 percent 6.1 14 percent -19 percent
Others 8.5 19 percent 3.8 9 percent 126 percent
Total 44.5 100 percent 43.8 100 percent 2 percent