Indus Battle Royale Frag Compilation Gameplay Revealed Ahead of Closed Beta Test

The game takes on similar to Free Fire which will be re-released soon in India.

  • The developers of the Indus Battle Royale game have released a frag compilation video on X.
  • The video contains elimination clips, buildings inspired by Indian culture, greenery on the battlefield and more.
  • SuperGaming will hold a closed beta test this festive season.

As smartphones became more affordable and internet reliability grew, India saw an increase in online gaming, with titles like PUBG and Free Fire gaining popularity for their battle royale approach. Over the past few years, many titles have emerged on the mobile platform, and while some of them have been customized for the Indian market, most of them are developed outside of India, and Indus is aiming to disrupt this environment with its first battle royale title – Indus Battle Royale.

Indus is a made-in-India-for-the-world battle royale developed for mobiles, consoles, and PCs.  The title is developed by Pune-based Indian game development studio, SuperGaming. It appears SuperGaming is finally ready to open the floodgates to a bigger audience following multiple community playtests and an official trailer unveiling in January.

The developer has released a few shots of gameplay on X (formerly known as Twitter) which contains highlights and frags compilation.

Indus Battle Royale Gameplay Revealed Highlighting Frags

The video is published on the official X account of Indus Game which takes us to witness the straight-up frag highlights for the mobile version of the title. The video also reveals the power of different weapons featured in the title. We also get to see some UI as well as the victory animation after all the chaos on the battlefield. Moreover, fans also get to see the elimination broadcast and kill-streak animation.

The gameplay highlights of the Frags compilation look good, and featured in the video is Indus ‘ island map, Virlok, is featured, which has a futuristic concept with structures based on Indian culture and greenery. Weapons, character skins (Paragons), and navigation are also seen in the 48-second clip. From what is seen in the video, players react that it takes on very similar to Free Fire.

From what we have known, the game is reaching its completion to go public soon. The developer has been aggressive in holding different showcases throughout the years. SuperGaming has officially announced a closed beta for the Indus Battle Royale game in August.

The Indus Battle Royale game’s closed beta will begin sometime around the 2023 festival season, most likely this Diwali. The limited beta will include the battle royale mode and important elements that have been shown off in several playtests over the past year.

Interested players can pre-register to participate in the beta test on Google Play Store. There has been no official confirmation of whether the closed beta would be available on iOS due to the platform’s unique testing process. Furthermore, the devs plan to arrange a number of key drops on their own Discord server. They have confirmed that the keys and closed beta slots would be limited.

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